The double D

Although technically not double but rather all in one…  pregnant life without this denim suit by Séraphine wouldn’t be the same.  Not just for my boundless love of denim but also for it’s one piece properties – no tight waistband (which would be rendered useless in any case as these hips, once key to my eggtimer bodyshape, have been swiftly overtaken by… the egg), plenty of stretch and they stay just where they’re destined to thanks to my, er, shoulders I guess.  My size was in fact sold out and this one initially too large (note – in the lower half only…) but I fell in love, big love, and so to the tailor she went.  I can’t preach enough about the virtues of a good tailor for mending and amending – not every piece of clothing is ever going to fit every single person perfectly (especially when one buys the wrong size to start with).  I use Nowak on Great Western Rd and have for years in case you were wondering.

And as a complete aside, I’m almost certain there’s a photo of me on my very first birthday with my mum and she’s wearing a boilersuit.  Hers was red and indeed an actual boilersuit procured from my uncle who had connections with a factory.  She rocked it.  And so it seems we really do turn into our mothers.  But I’m ok with that.

denim jumpsuit – Séraphine
bleecker bag – Reiss   |  ena silk scarf – Brae
classic petite melrose rose gold watch – Daniel Wellington
biography bracelet – Astley Clarke   |   sunglasses – Tommy Hilfiger




  1. 18 Apr / 11:24 am

    Lovely pictures Wendy! I have a denim jumpsuit, but it doesnt fit me anymore 🙁
    It is the epitome of comfort though, and I suppose if you are pregnant its even better.

  2. Roslyn
    18 Apr / 4:16 pm

    Beautiful photos. Love Mr. K.

  3. 22 Apr / 4:15 pm

    Can’t believe you didn’t include the pic of your mum in her boiler suit!

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