When your shorts don’t fit

The only trouble with booking holidays so last minute is lack of prep time.

The toenails were not painted, you know not just like they weren’t manicured but in that way that when you start removing the debris you discover layers of colours you weren’t even sure you ever owned?  Rectified from my lounger round the pool in what was surely the most ladylike position – reaching my toes is a challenge.  In spite of constant updates to my underwear drawer I found myself in possession of precisely one bra and one bikini that fit – hence the scarf bandeau you can catch a glimpse of…  And shorts weren’t even something that was on my radar.  I mean come on, at the start of May in Scotland nobody is usually even thinking about packing away the winter coats, let alone digging out shorts (although turns out I’d have needed them at home too).  So the favourite and famously baggy boyfriend shorts went in the case but their chances of fastening were about 2%.  You know when those taut sixteen year olds wear their shorts to festivals with the top couple of buttons undone and the waistband rolled down?  Yeah, well it looked nothing like that.

But somehow this blouse, non maternity by the way, had fortuitously been purchased at the beginning of the week and turned out to be perfectly light and cottony and floaty and, most importantly, long enough to hide the shorts misdemeanour.  Winning.

smock blouse – Lost Ink   |   shorts – Gap
sandals – Mango
hat – Mango   |   aviators – Ray Ban
straw bag – Matalan (love this one)



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