Autumn8 with Karen Millen and a case of the shakes

Here are some things I am one hundred percent comfortable with – butter soft leather, an autumnal colour palette, statement shirt dresses, crossbody bags (especially when worn under outerwear, anyone else?) and heels.  Here is something that, it transpires, is a little out of my comfort zone – live video.

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of working with Karen Millen to talk round a few of my top picks from the launch of their Autumn8 collection in Princes Square, Glasgow.  Perhaps my choices will not come as a huge surprise to you and if you have been keeping up with my stories you will already know that this biker jacket has been glued to my back ever since – I do love a good leather.  There was a surprise for me though when, after three solid, steady practice run throughs, my hand began to shake uncontrollably during the Facebook Live.  You guys, it was not cool.  I had to use my other, also slightly unpredicatble, hand to steady the camera for the walk round the store.  I just watched the video back again and think I might have got away with it though…

Is it not susprising when your body betrays you like that?  I mean, I chat on camera all the time, yes, usually parked up in my car, on instagram stories but it is NO BIG DEAL.  And then, essentially doing the exact same thing, it turns out I cannot rely on my own flippin hands.  Anyway, truthfully I loved it and somehow, as I age, I tend only to find myself in these new situations because I have personally sought them out and I relish the challenge.  I mean, at school I was forced to talk in front of the entire assembly hall filled with five hundred faces in my final year and I just about died but now I feel so honoured when a university or event ask me to contribute.

Are you braver as an adult?  Or do you love that you are in a position now where you can just say no?  I think I might fall a little bit on each side of the line…

With thanks to Karen Millen for sponsoring this post.



signature leather jacket – Karen Millen
leopard print maxi dress – Karen Millen
block heel boots – Karen Millen
compact crossbody bag – Karen Millen




  1. Eleanora
    8 Oct / 12:54 pm

    Fabulous autumn look!

    • Thankfifi
      16 Oct / 11:02 am

      Thank you so much!

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