Mama & mini – Scotty lentil soul bowls

Usually I am not one for resolutions but, as chance would have it, my first collaboration of the year provides a most welcome introduction to the mini series that has been in the works for quite some time on Thankfifi…  Mama & Mini recipes.

I remember honestly feeling quite terrified at the weaning milestone, knowing Hunter would require more than milk to sustain him, and I has this vision of mopping my sweaty brow whilst I steamed all manner of vegetable medleys and pureed everything in sight.  Turns out that was not the case, not at all.  He eats exactly the same family meals we cook on a day to day basis and almost all of them can be adapted if needed for babies and toddlers (okay, except for takeaway night, then he has eggs).  I love to cook and you know I love to share so I hope this mini series might inspire some new mums or even just give you some different ideas for your own weekly meals.  Up my sleeve I have a vegan curry, teriyake salmon and chicken satay with mango cucumber salad to start us off (please do let me know which one you would like to see next) but today we are starting simple.  Back to basics with soup…

Soup to me is one of those real feel good winter foods, like a hug in a bowl, and, maybe it is my Scottish roots, but lentil is just the ultimate choice.  It is the nation’s favourite too in case you were wondering and whilst I usually try to avoid moving with the masses there is no denying that lentil is a darn good classic.

I cannot tell a lie here and make out lentil soup to be a complicated dish but any mums out there are bound to agree (and probably the non mums too) that if someone handed you all the ingredients pre chopped and ready to go, you would gladly accept.  Enter Scotty Brand soup mixes.  The perfect blend of carrot, turnip, leek and onion all prepped plus a wee ready to go sachet of, the star of the show, lentils.  They do offer a great selection of fresh soups too, cream of tomato my top pick, but I have to say, I love the domestic goddess-ness of homemade soup (with a lil’ helping Scotty Brand hand).


Ingredients (Serves 2 + baby*)

1 Scotty Brand vegetable and lentil soup mix
2 good quality ham stock cubes
900ml water
a dribble of double cream

Pop the vegetables and lentils into a big ol’ soup pot along with the boiling water and stock and simmer for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Let the soup cool somewhat before blending, then gently heat to serve and garnish with a swirl of double cream.


For babies under 12 months, reserve a small portion of the veg and lentil mix to simmer in boiling water alone before blending and serving.

Having already tried and tested the recipe on my little Hunter guinea pig, I knew I would have an EXTREMELY willing participant when it came to shooting this blog post (spoiler – he flipping loved it) but I had not exactly factored an overly interested dog into the mix…  well, we went with it because his nose was basically working like a cartoon animal, floating his entire furry self around the room after the aroma, and he was eventually rewarded for his patience with the ultimate prize – a small bowl of his very own.

In collaboration with Scotty Brand

*Denotes affiliate link



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  1. Eleanora
    17 Jan / 3:09 pm

    It’s definitely soup weather. Glad Mr. K got a bowlful too!

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