The December 5

What was the November 5 somehow evolved into the December 5 (such is my relationship with time these days) but that does not diminish in any way just how wonderful these five are – scroll on down to discover what has been floating my boat this past month…  or two.



It is well documented that I am no beauty aficionado but it is finally time for me to quit the body moisturiser on the face habit as I have welcomed with arms as open as (tried to think of a great pun here but not been much open over the past couple of years has there so I will go with this)…  well, let me just say, very open arms…  the Aveeno Calm & Restore Face Care range.

Honestly, I have tried and tried in the past to find the right skincare routine but my skin is just so sensitive that it never worked out for me and I always fell back on my body moisturiser.  Now Aveeno have turned that on its head with this new range – all the goodness of the soothing prebiotic oat that they are famous for but with the added benefit of the new star ingredient for Aveeno in the UK, feverfew, known for its antioxidant properties.

I read and shared an article back in April (linked here) which really changed how I viewed skincare and what the beauty industry sells us but the bottom line is that the single most important thing you can do is maintain a healthy microbiome and Aveeno are ALL about that.

The cherry on top? The range is also super affordable.

And if you want to see how I apply them all, religiously morning and night, then you can watch a hopefully not too cringey video, in my very makeshift bathroom, right here.  Suffice to say, I have just restocked…



A departure from the norm this month with a restaurant recommendation…

Nestled in the heart of Dennistoun, Beat 6 is an always-evolving dining experience from the team behind Six by Nico, which donates 100% of profits to the Beatson Cancer Charity.  Great food and a great cause.



I will confess that I resubscribed to Apple TV purely to indulge in season three of The Morning Show (mind blowingly good by the way) and the discovery of Physical was somewhat of an unexpected bonus.  That is, I believe, how they get you…

The hair, the outfits, the acting, the story, the misogyny and Rose Byrne.  I completed it like a kid with a new video game – in the deep of the night with the volume so low I needed subtitles and clearly when I should have been asleep.  It was that good.

No surprises it is on THE LIST (along with a few new updates).



I hope you do not mind me sharing a campaign I worked on over on Instagram but it is such an important message to spread because winter is coming and you could get help worth around £5,000 and reduce your energy bills.

The Scottish Government has extended the range of support available – their #WarmerHomesScotland programme provides improvements like home insulation, draught proofing or a new heating system for eligible households.  To find out exactly what you are eligible for, whatever your circumstances, call the Home Energy Scotland hotline now on 0808 808 2282 or go to for clear and impartial advice.

With home energy bills set to sky rocket, I am draught proofing my troublemaker of a front door ASAP – it is actually super simple and there are loads of tips like this on the site to help make our homes warmer, reduce our bills and do our bit for the environment.

Please do share with anyone you think might benefit.



A festive jumper – ’tis the season after all.

Honestly, I have steered (mostly) away from buying anything specifically Christmassy because it is just too hard to justify the cost per wear BUT a fancy knit I am here for.  They work especially well for all those December get togethers, can be dressed up with jewels, jeans, heels or even sequin trews if you feel so inclined but are equally at home with a great pair of jeans or layered over a simple dress the rest of the year.

I ordered this one because I never met a Sezane piece I did not love and they just received B Corp Certification (a wonderful accolade for brands making all the right moves in the sustainability field).  I have linked a few more of my favourites below including that backless beauty (which I may or may not already own…  ok, I do) and a great lil’ cardigan from the high street with the sparkliest jewel-like buttons.

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