the DIY Christmas treehouse

The treehouse is complete and covered head to toe in solar twinkles.  Merry Christmas to the tinies.

I promise to share a full feature on the DIY come early spring with all the details – how much it cost, how long it took, etc. (a bit like the patio post) – but, for now, I could not resist sharing this twinkling beauty.

Although the treehouse will be bathed in sunshine most of the summer, in winter it is quite a different story.  Of course it is pitch black by 4pm these days and the position within the garden is super dark plus unreachable by any of our outdoor lights.  Well, the Solar Centre kindly stepped in with these twinkling beauties and the best part is the batteries can be charged up by USB if the sun ain’t doing her thing (in December, it happens).

The tinies are absolutely thrilled (here is a little video) and have spent many an evening out here which of course makes it all worthwhile – watching them racing around up there under the sparkles feels a bit like we are starring in our very own cheesy, Christmas movie and I am so here for it.

This feature contains gifts



20 USB solar Edinburgh festoon lights – The Solar Centre
300 USB solar icicle lights – The Solar Centre
large USB solar reindeer – The Solar Centre (ON SALE)
(comes in a smaller size too)
Rebo 8ft green wave slide – Outdoor Toys 





  1. Gaylesbury
    21 Dec / 7:50 pm

    Looks magical!!!!

  2. Rog & Jan
    1 Jan / 5:49 pm

    This is fantastic for the children and so much fun for all like Grandparents, The Parents and of course all the Aunts and Uncles!!!!
    What ever the cost this must be the very best entertainment value for the time it will be used and enjoyed by all.

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