Smitten with biscotti


The other day I made these amazing orange almond biscotti.  It wasn’t my first time.  They’re not too high is sugar or fat and perfect for dunking in your tea – what better way to sweeten up the girls in the studio than to shower them with biscuit shaped gifts?!

I followed the recipe from SmittenKitchen only I used wholemeal flour instead of plain and of course, you know it, I added the chocolate too.  Most recipes state that you should use that fancy schmancy super high cocoa content chocolate but through some pretty extensive research I have found that, in certain cases, regular ol’ dark confectionary chocolate works just as well.

So I got to zesting and toasting, chopping and mixing, rolling and brushing, photographing along the way…


…and then my phone started ringing.  It was work, you know, the other one.  ‘Hey Wendy, we were just wondering if you’d be, erm, gracing us with your presence tonight?’.  Um yeah, in an hour.  Let’s blame it on crossed wires, let’s blame it on my overtired mind, let’s blame it on the rota never being done until the last possible minute.  Let’s not blame me, m’kay?

So I left speedy gonzales style and detailed the husband to slice the biscotti logs, toast both sides and photograph throughout.  I arrived home to beautiful biscotti.  And no photographs.  He had found the time to do some quality control though and assured me they tasted good.

The Bluebellgray girls confirmed this when I took a stash in to enjoy with the morning tea(sssss).



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