When there’s no time


tee – Zara (last worn here)
jean – Mango (last worn here)
boot – H by Hudson via BrandAlley (also seen here)
sunglasses – Marks & Spencer
leopard scarf – Ebay
necklace – Accessorize, watch – Calvin Klein
tribute bracelet – Stella and Dot, gold bracelet – Marks & Spencer, peach bracelet – H&M

coat – model’s own c/o Infindigo 

When there’s no time… accessorize.  Accessorize like your outfit is awesome when really it’s whatever was clean with a bit of bling stuck on top.  Back-comb and dry shampoo your hair if you’ve not washed it and definitely, definitely opt for sunglasses if you’ve not done your makeup.  Kick plain jane’s ass then pretend you don’t know her when you see her in the street (probably in a shop window reflection).

In other news I’m taking a half day today because it’s a special day for a certain someone – ok ok, I take a half day almost every day but still…




    • Wendy
      13 Jun / 2:33 pm

      thanks so much vicky! the scarf is just a cheap ebay one which I bought after falling in love with a friend’s LV one.x

  1. 13 Jun / 12:02 pm

    effortlessly chic! your dog is adorable

    • Wendy
      13 Jun / 2:33 pm

      thanks so much aqeelah.x

  2. 13 Jun / 12:08 pm

    I so agree with you.. my usual tricks are : Scarf for plain outfit, high heels for tee and jeans, sunglasses and now I have a new one for bad hair day, fedora! What girls would do to stay stylish and look goos.. optical illusion counts haha!
    Love your scarf, looks so soft!


    • Wendy
      13 Jun / 2:34 pm

      great rules! Note to self… get a fedora! sound advice mrs c.x

  3. 13 Jun / 12:56 pm

    Great outfit!

    • Wendy
      13 Jun / 2:34 pm

      thanks always df.x

  4. 13 Jun / 2:48 pm

    Oh I love your scarf! Actually I currently love anything leopard! And this one looks so much like the LV one!

    • Wendy
      13 Jun / 3:00 pm

      I know right? Except it doesn’t have the writing and the fabric is not quite as good but it sure is more affordable and I still love it!x

    • Wendy
      13 Jun / 5:06 pm

      thanks jessica.x

    • Wendy
      13 Jun / 5:04 pm

      thanks sarah!x

    • Wendy
      13 Jun / 5:49 pm

      Couldn’t agree more, although obviously I view him as more than an accessory, blah blah…

    • Wendy
      13 Jun / 5:49 pm

      thanks lisanne.x

  5. 13 Jun / 5:25 pm

    love this shoes!and your dog is beautiful!

    • Wendy
      13 Jun / 5:50 pm

      totally my fav summer shoes! and thanks re. the dog – I will tell him 😉

    • Wendy
      14 Jun / 12:10 am

      thank goodness for sunglasses, some days they’re all that saves me…

  6. 14 Jun / 5:59 am

    The look is gorgeous! I You look really beautiful and pretty!
    Great photos!
    I like your blog very much
    Kisses from Belarus

    • Wendy
      14 Jun / 8:27 am

      Thanks so much lucle – it’s amazing what a bit of trickery with accessories will do!x

  7. 14 Jun / 5:26 pm

    I so love your black ensemble and the addition of the leopard scarf which gives such a Louis Vuitton flair! 🙂

    Kiss kiss

    • Wendy
      14 Jun / 5:34 pm

      thank you sweetie.x

  8. Jade
    6 Jul / 8:06 pm

    I’m thinking that maybe it gets annoying having such a beautiful dog sometimes, it’s the sort of dog that people approach in the street to say ‘hello’ to without even looking at the owner haha. Love your blog 🙂

    • 6 Jul / 8:55 pm

      It happens but I don’t mind! I reckon if I saw him in the street for the first time I’d have to stop too 🙂

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