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Champagne and oysters for lunch?  That’s how I roll (ed for one day only…).

Having been very kindly invited for lunch at Rogano and sat at the table end with all the pregnant and shellfish allergic diners (score) it seemed only right that I should do enough tasting for us all.  Cue two enormous oyster platters arriving…  I took one for the team and did my best.  Now I don’t normally like to admit that the Scots aren’t top of any list but, and don’t say it out loud will you, the Irish oysters were slightly smoother, mellower and completely delightful.

Next, the smoked salmon, I mean just look at it.  Simple and perfect.  I’m usually the one who loves the first few bites of the stuff and then shovels the rest onto the husband’s plate proclaiming it ‘too fishy’ – not this time.  All.  Gone.

My crispy skinned seabass was so good I felt like if someone brought me a bowlful of skin I’d have eaten it right up.  It’s good for your hair right?  (Or is that just dogs’ coats?).  And I’m pretty sure angels had fried my polenta.  Pretty sure.

By the time the chocolates arrived unfortunately some guests had already departed (amateurs) and so I found myself in a similar situation to that of the oysters.  You know I’m a team player though so I trooped on through.

Safe to say Rogano is something of a Glasgow institution and indeed my ‘Can’t believe I’ve never been before but I’m off to Rogano for the first time’ tweet was met with a barrage of replies, one even claiming I couldn’t call myself a true Glaswegian (hopefully they didn’t read that first bit about the oysters…).  The food was top notch and the decor is old school art deco.  A little bit like being on a cruise with your posh in-laws complete with seahorse portholes and swirly carpets.  Not that my in-laws are posh, although they do enjoy a cruise.  They’re not not posh, if you get me.  Wow, I feel like there’s no right way out of this now… On Sunday the mother-in-law actually informed me that she intended to call me ‘West End Wendy’ whenever I annoyed her.  At the time I was most perturbed at the thought that I annoyed her but now, thinking back, I am beginning to wonder if this might be one of those occasions…  Perhaps an apology lunch at Rogano is in order?


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  1. 14 Jan / 10:51 am

    Rogano is my father’s FAVOURITE restaurant to go to every time we make it over to G/Gow! We actually went over there this time last year just for lunch … (his idea) Totally agree with you re: oysters, the Irish ones are better than the Scottish oysters. Rogano also do GREAT fish & chips and it is really good fun (I prefer it to the restaurant part) to sit in the bar and enjoy them with a glass of chilled white wine. xx

  2. 14 Jan / 11:26 am

    Now that is my kind of meal! Good thinking to go with all the individuals who weren’t able to do any tasting!

  3. Gaylesbury
    14 Jan / 1:36 pm

    Yum !!! I’ve never been !!! X

  4. M-in-L!
    15 Jan / 8:59 am

    WOW – lunch at my favourite restaurant (since the 70’s) with my favourite daughter-in-law – (P)WEW – dug herself out of that one! (see what I did there?)
    Now, where’s my diary, hope I didn’t leave it on the ship.

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