Scotland in 48 hours


When a self confessed Scotland newbie comes to stay for the weekend, hi Nancy, you better be sure you’re gonna pack in just about everything the good ol’ homeland has to offer.  This is Thankfifi’s Scotland in 48 hours…

Let’s start with a dog walk through Kelvingrove Park and head straight to Kember and Jones to feed my weekend habit – homemade cakes and a great iced latte (the salads are pretty amazing too if you’re feeling so inclined but it’s the weekend right?  Mhmm, ok, chocolate beetroot cake, you win).


A stroll back up over university avenue and a pit stop at The Cloisters, you know I love these guys!  Glasgow has some pretty incredible architecture so don’t forget to look up when you’re wandering…






If you’ve never been to Scotland and you want the Pinterest worthy version, aka dramatic green mountains and valleys, then you better head up through Glencoe.  Just the drive is insane – the road North basically takes you bang through the middle of it – good weather or bad, Scotland is a beauty…  Couldn’t you just get lost here?  No really, be careful, you could.  Bring a map.


If you keep going and hang a left you’ll find yourself winding up the North West coast which is dotted with just about the most picture perfect beaches you can imagine.  Point yourself towards Arisaig and start exploring – park yourself up and take a stroll through the dunes…


…and you’ll discover Camusdarach.  I don’t really think words are needed here are they?  Just look.


And just because you’re so full of glee, hug a dug.



Good spot for a picnic don’t you think?  Stock up before arrival because you’re not going to stumble across a deli round these parts.  And you wouldn’t want to.  Just wave upon turquoise wave and views over to the isles or Skye, Eigg and Rhum.



Watch out for the beach terrors though.  They look like this.  Unpredictable in behaviour yet undeniably cute.  Don’t be fooled.  No picnic is safe.








We arrived late and couldn’t wrench ourselves away for 4 hours.  Might have squeezed in a pretty photoshoot… or two…  The beauty is that Scottish summers stay light until around 11pm so the drive home was just as pretty.

Late nights call for good coffee the morning after.  So off to Papercup for breakfast and one of the best coffees in town (a bold claim I know – but coffee’s not exactly Glasgow’s strong suit so thanks to Sheri for introducing me to this little gem).



A quick wander down Ashton lane’s cobbles are a must; bright and buzzy during the day and super pretty with her canopy of fairy lights at night.  My top pick is The Chip but anywhere with a seat in the sun is a winner.


And if you know me at all you’ll know that there was no way Nancy was getting out of Glasgow without a trip to Ox and Finch.  Remember that time I reviewed it?  The menu is ever changing and always on point.  Fresh ingredients, inventive combinations and beautiful presentation.  Look at my little happy face.


Cheers to a great weekend!


Photos by Nancy Gibbs



  1. 6 Aug / 12:57 pm

    I enjoyed my ‘trip’! Beautiful photos as always and reminding me that I’d love to visit Scotland again one day.

  2. Hannah Buchan
    6 Aug / 3:13 pm

    Love this! Can’t wait to head this way in September! x

  3. Gaylesbury
    7 Aug / 8:17 am

    “Hug a dug” has to be one my favourite things you’ve ever written!!!! But seriously, beautiful photos x

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