NYFW Day 1 – Marissa Webb & the downpour


And then it began… New York Fashion Week and the rain arrived on the same day.  The kind of rain usually reserved for Scotland seemed to have been missing me and, after two days of intense, hot, humid, air, the skies burst all over the streets of New York – all over the show goers, all over our silk skirts and bare toes.

Having initially accepted that New York in September was no place for a chunky knit roll neck, all of a sudden it made complete sense.  Granted, the Chelsea Paris open sandals defy logic but they’re just too pretty (and upon examination it seemed that 7 of the 8 pairs of shoes I packed were open toed and the other one espadrilles which are about as much use in the rain as wrapping your feet in straw).

But we soldiered on and in to the absolute delight that was the Marissa Webb show…

knit – Oasis :: skirt – Ostwald Helgason
blade sandal – Chelsea Paris
bag – Boden :: watch – Timex








Outfit photos by Nancy Gibbs

I never get over that moment when, in the midst of a most packed room, everything goes dark, everyone is quiet, shoulder to shoulder but nobody budges and then… bright lights up and music so loud you feel it in your bones… and it begins.  The first girl walks.  And then the rain was forgotten.

Yellow and florals and grid prints overlaid with the most beautiful lace and an ethereal khaki safari – canvas and leather deep pocketed belts and sleeveless blazers, nipped at the waist and the standout for me – those guys would look good over every single thing.  And the shoes.  A rainbow of tasselled, fringed beauties.

I feel inclined to suggest I would give up almost all my wardrobe space for this collection next summer.  What do you think?


_ARC0657   _ARC0945

_ARC0345   _ARC0320


Runway photos c/o Vogue.com



  1. 16 Sep / 11:03 pm

    I love the colours you’ve styled together here! That knit is just so good. Hope you’ve been having a lovely NYFW, so exciting! 🙂

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. 17 Sep / 9:07 pm

    I do love a bit of Khaki green. I really love your knit for the NYFW.

  3. 23 Sep / 3:01 am

    So many styles I have ever seen before, love this post
    Besides, you look really elegant and beautiful in this skirt

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