Therapie Clinic Glasgow – my laser hair removal journey


And now for something a little bit different…  Can we talk about my pits?  We’re friends by now right?

Honestly laser hair removal is something I have been considering for about two years after friends having such great results – problem is those friends live in Australia and New Zealand and I needed something a little closer to home.  So when Thérapie Clinic reached out to say they were opening a space in Glasgow I was delighted to trial the treatment.  I popped along to the opening night and was immediately blown away by the beautiful space and the professionalism of the staff.  Everything is super clean and the machines are top of the range (aka painless), brand new lasers and I truly felt at ease, like this is somewhere I trusted.  I booked in for my first treatment and, for anyone considering this, here are my initial thoughts…

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My therapist is called Lee and, while I’m sure all the girls are amazing, she is incredible – taking the time to answer all my questions (there were many) and really explain not only the process but also the technical stuff.  In a nutshell the laser travels down the hair to the blood supply at the root and with each treatment you can expect about twenty percent of those hairs to simply grow out and never come back.  Hallelujah.

For me it was a revelation that I was requested to arrive clean shaven (none of those weeks of ugly growth required for waxing).  Lee marked the area, gave me sexy goggles and applied a cooling gel before bringing in the laser.  I would have been somewhat nervous but the fifteen second patch test we did the week before had completely put my mind at rest.  Basically the laser slid over my underarm for about a minute, all the while Lee asking if I was in any pain – we had a scale of one to five and I never went above a two.  And that is it.  Seriously.


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I wanted to wait ten days to share this post with you so I could give a true review of that first treatment.  In that time I did not experience any pain or heat, although I did my aftercare, exfoliating and applying Laser Aid gel, and already thirty percent of my pesky underarm fuzz is gone.  Result.

If this is something you are considering then I urge you to check them out – there are some great prices right now and new clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as Ireland.

So every six weeks, for six treatments in total, I will be visiting Thérapie Clinic and sharing the results of my hopefully wondrously hairless pits with you at the end.  Stay tuned…

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With thanks to Thérapie Clinic for supporting this post.


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