Dream space dreaming – bedroom

linen bedding – La Redoute   |   macrame hanging – Etsy   |   woven wall art – Laura Ashley
table lamp – John Lewis   |    cushion – Anthropologie   |   rocking chair – La Redoute
artificial palm – Not on the Highstreet   |   H&M braided storage baskets (Large & Small)

Feeling all kinds of home related feels after the big kitchen makeover, I’m turning my attention to the other rooms in the house…  perhaps this is nesting (although you would think that would be planning a nursery no?).  Either way, next up is the master bedroom – I say that to sound fancy, it is the master bedroom, it is the only bedroom.  The spare room is full of shoes…

The bedroom is basically a blank canvas.  White walls, white Ikea units, white bedding, OFF white carpet (branching out).  It’s bright and airy and about as charming as a white box.

My inspiration hunt begins as every dreamers does…  on Pinterest.  And then I set about trying to source these crazy unattainable pieces for something less than the price of a new car.  Easy.  Well not entirely but my shopping list is growing, see exhibit A above, and I’ve set my sights on some kind of bedroom collage of the dreamy images below…

It would honestly be a struggle to find anything wrong with this room but that macrame driftwood wall hanging was pretty much where it all started (swiftly followed by those oversized leaves in woven baskets because, you know, I am a blogger after all).  The husband sourced me an absolutely gorgeous one by Le Petit Moose, a gorgeous Scottish brand, but I’m loving this one too or you could go ahead and make your own if you had the time or inclination.  I had neither and the husband knows me well…

Any spare time I can find is going to be spent DIY-ing some leather handles and tab pulls for my plain Jane Ikea units.

Half painted walls are the jam.  I figure if it’s only half of one wall I can go as dark as I like so I’ve swatched Studio Green by Farrow and Ball and I am loving it.  I’m thinking the wall behind the bed will be perfect, like a giant headboard.  Speaking of the bed, I’m not in the market for one (saving for a baby and all that) but if I was it would be this one from Urban Outfitters – probably the most beautiful bed I have ever seen and it has that Cobblers Cove vibe we loved SO much when we were there.

Know what I never waste a second of my life doing?  Ironing.  And guess what?  I have found the perfect bedding, soft washed linen and, wait for it, it’s meant to look crushed.  Winning.  I got mine from La Redoute and it is the softest thing in the whole wide world.  You know when you love your bedding so much you heat your house like a furnace to get it washed, dried and back on your bed in the same day?  Yeah, that.

Image via Lovethesign

Whilst I might not be able to justify the wicker bed, I’m pretty sure I feel ok about a wicker rocking chair – I mean I need one of those right?  Babies like to rock.  Probably about as rockin’ as my nights are gonna get from now on…  sorry, couldn’t help it.  Oh no, I’m making dad jokes already, no, wait, I’ve always made those…  Anyway, wicker furniture is just so beautiful and easy to style.  If you’re having trouble sourcing one, it’s always worth searching the outdoor furniture section for garden furniture.

And last but not least, the holy grail, the giant gilt edged round mirror and I mean giant, like at least 80cm and not crazy expensive either.  You guys, I need one in my life, on my dressing table.  Please help me…

All other images via Pinterest.


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