Getting the Luxe Oil treatment

This level of shine is…  ok I’ll fully admit I just spent more than five minutes trying to think of a humorous analogy so let’s just say it is…  off the charts.  And my hair ain’t shiny these days.  Like, ever.

That post baby hair was getting all kinds of special and on top of the greasy roots and the dry ends which hadn’t been cut for four and a half months there was an overall feeling of, well, lacklustre.  I became the biggest champion of the topknot.  One could say a trip to Sassoon was a little overdue.  The Luxe Oil treatment was applied, those split ends were culled and that fringe trimmed back into shape and I left feeling like a new woman.  I sauntered straight into Zara and treated maself to a little sumthin’ sumthin’ (cue mum’s frantic message about typos…) because somehow I felt I really deserved a reward, just for having great hair.  Any excuse.  But about that treatment – perfect for prepping your hair for winter, like a big shiny, moisture injection, applied right before I was asked that one question I am so sure no-one ever says no to – ‘Would you like a head massage today?’.  Um, yes.  Yes I would.  Every day.  I went for the Beach Wave blow dry and I wasn’t honestly sure how that was gonna work out with the fringe but you know what?  It worked out, it really worked out.  If you fancy heading in yourself don’t be afraid to name drop – just mention ‘Thankfifi’ for 20% off.

Because Ophelia dictates that it would be impossible to shoot outdoors, some fall favourites creeping their way into my interiors setup…  the accidental hammered gold coffee table that was meant to be a bird (if you follow my insta-stories you know what I’m talking about), the most heady, divine rose candle, a mini tote that fits my fall palette perfectly, a vintage rug stealthily rescued from a bin bag in my mum’s loft and the new Jo Malone London cologne, English Oak and Redcurrant, I mean that scent just sums up a whole season…

top – Zara   |   jeans – Zara   |   belt – Gant
pavement boots – Zalando
rivington mini tote – Henri Bendel
stacking rings – Ottoman Hands   |   totem gold cuff – Edge of Ember
hair – Sassoon Salon (quote THANKFIFI for 20% off)



decanter – Sagaform   |   rose oud candle – M Botanicals
english oak and redcurrant cologne – Jo Malone
hammered gold coffee table – Urban Outfitters (ON SALE)
rugs – vintage


With thanks to Sassoon for supporting this post.



  1. Gaylesbury
    17 Oct / 9:05 am

    Your hair looks AMAZING!!!!! Gorgeous x

    • Thankfifi
      28 Aug / 11:26 pm

      Thanks so much.x

  2. Sharmeen Khan
    25 Oct / 4:42 pm

    Love the 2nd pic. Great backdrop 😉

    • Thankfifi
      28 Aug / 11:27 pm

      Thanks Sharmeen – I am so pleased with the hair AND the walls!

  3. Cindy Diaku
    12 Dec / 11:19 am

    Thnaks for this post. You’re hair looks really healthy and shiny.

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