I started feeling like it would be somewhat remiss not to road test a pair of almost regular jeans.  I am still slotting them into the ‘new shape of denim’ category because they are not skinny but, truth be told, perhaps they are not exactly groundbreaking in the ‘new’ department.  This pair is, however, new to me.

So here’s the lowdown…  These are the Cone Denim high rise wide leg straight jeans with destruction from Gap.  And you know what?  They do exactly what it says on the tin.

They are indeed high rise, nicely so in my opinion – not crazy high like some of the others I have tested.  The Zara ones, for example, which I think are awesome but when the husband got home from work the other day, and I was slumped behind my laptop in a none too flattering position (please bear this in mind), he asked me first if the jeans could be any higher…  and then if I could maybe get them up over my boobs.  Nice.  A strong reminder to practice good posture in public.

They are wide leg but not in an exaggerated way.  Wide enough to be a great shape and they are not stretch at all, like literally no give, so they hold their turn ups if you want them to (which I did this day).

And it is true that they are destructed.  The hems are raw and the knees are busted.  And I like that in jeans.  Makes me feel young.  In fact these are perfectly ripped in my opinion and showing no signs of unplanned further ripping which is a bugbear of mine when I find the perfect ripped jeans (I think maybe it is an issue with ripped jeans with stretch?).

The sizing is just as you would expect, true to size I think is the term; I started out with a 28 which fitted in a boyfriend sorta way but I switched them for a 26 and found the fit was much more what I had in mind.  Just remember they have no stretch.  So when I figured they were kinda tight but they would wear in, or out, I was wrong.  They are still pretty tight.  But in a good way, I hope.

So as for the rest of the look, I will be the first to admit it is nothing groundbreaking but I figured I would give lilac a whirl, especially as the knit is on sale for £12.50, and it turns out it goes real well with green.  Happy days.

So I think I’m gonna go ahead and draw a line under the new shape of denim high street road tests now…  but I am partial to changing my mind so don’t hold me to it ok?  If you fancy a catch up you can have a look at the different posts below –

Part I – Next high waist wide leg – £32
Part II – Zara wide leg malibu – £39.99
Part III – Free People float on flare – £68
Part IV – Gap high rise wide leg with destruction – £49.95 (p.s.  Gap always run sales)  (p.p.s.  That’s this post right here)

None of these were sponsored posts and truthfully I love them all for different reasons.  Which were your favs?



knit – Asos
wide straight jeans – Gap
boots – Zara
mini hat box bag – Aspinal of London
aviators – Ray-Ban



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