Lockdown Diaries – Week 2

How has it even been a week already?  Days just blur into one another right now as the hours zip past in a big children, dogs and work soup.  As I mentioned in last week’s post we are heading into week four of lockdown in this house but truthfully if you told me it’d been a week I would not argue.  As anyone with tinies right now will tell you, time flies.  I am bloomin’ knackered.

No real gems of insight today from me but here are some base level thoughts…

I had a chuckle to myself this morning setting up my daily workout on my phone and balancing it against last night’s bottle of wine.  It’s true what they say – ‘You don’t need fun to have alcohol’.  In an attempt to stop my precious Calabie wine supply depleting too fast though I am limiting myself to weekends only…  and sticking to gin midweek.  Good plan?

I think I had this post in mind almost every morning getting dressed (ok, not always morning, it’s regularly lunchtime when I slither my way out of gym gear) and I made an effort.  Although you will note that there are six outfits here – yeah, ok, one day I never made it out of the comfies.  That being said I am sooo enjoying getting reacquainted with my wardrobe right now, having fun with it and looking at new combinations again.  Maybe if you work in an office setting and you have been forced to get ‘dressed’ every day for years on end you might really be relishing the opportunity to sloth around in joggies but, friends, I can do that pretty much any day of the year (post baby I did for quite some time) and I am so over that phase now.

I don’t want to dwell on the current situation because I fully accept and embrace staying home.  I don’t think I watched the news once this week – just asked the husband for the key points so I didn’t miss anything major – and honestly my mind feels more at ease with everything.  So instead I’m just going to leave you with some highlights of my week in no particular order : discovering Ozark on Netflix, Summer’s first tooth, dinner (every day but I am especially looking forward to this evening’s paella), pottering in the garden, remembering my love of a bold lip (see last pic), the return of Hunter’s curls as his hair grows wilder and wilder, good wine, sunshine, family, chocolate ice-cream and ordering patio paint because, you guys, I am giving it another shot…

Ok, your turn.  Tell me something good about your week.x

blouse – Zara
dungarees – Abercrombie & Fitch
sandals – Fitflop

cuff – Ottoman Hands



suede top – Oasis
dress – Asos
boots – Mint Velvet
locket – Astley Clarke
cuff – Ottoman Hands
belt – Zara


knit – Jigsaw
jeans – Madewell
slippers – Emu Australia
chain necklace – Ottoman Hands
locket – Astley Clarke

belt – Zara



top – Baukjen
jeans – Zara
slippers – Emu Australia
belt – Zara



sweatshirt – Le Tee Paris
skirt – Phase Eight (ON SALE)
slippers – Emu Australia
hair clip – Oliver Bonas



dress – Free People
sandals – Reiss
headband – Asos
cuff – Ottoman Hands
stellar lip – IT Cosmetics



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  1. 11 Apr / 12:10 am

    Oh that free people dress is so pretty! I wore a lot of pyjamas and loungewear this week, haha! I haven’t hit my stride with the work from home with kids juggle yet but I’m sure once I do I’ll have the motivation to get dressed again. Until then I’ll enjoy not getting my pretty clothes covered in whatever arts and crafts the kids decide to do each day – today is painting, I’ll be firmly in my pyjamas for that!

    Thank you for continuing to give some stylish inspiration and hope that I’ll get my groove back with outfits soon 🙂 Stay safe andw ell!

    Hope that you are having a lovely Easter weekend 🙂

  2. 12 Apr / 10:48 am

    I didn’t get out of pyjamas , had a 3 days work-week and re-discovered my love for cooking

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