My everyday jewellery – Part I

Managed to sneak these shots in just before the gale force winds came and scattered all these fragile peach rhododendron blooms…  Their time in the limelight may have been fleeting but they sure did shine.

I wanted to put together a feature to share my current jewellery collection favourites – some pieces are old and some new but they are all beautiful quality and pieces I wear on rotation.  I love the way jewellery can lift the simplest outfit and I have FINALLY figured out the secret to layering whilst avoiding the fankle – the law of three.  Two necklaces around my neck need untangling all day long but three, three is the magic number.  There is no logic but I have tried and tested the theory over the years and it works.  Every time.

With the exception of the tiny ‘love’ pendant (years old and sadly no longer available) and my wedding rings which are solid gold, I remove all jewellery for showering and even washing my hands to preserve it.  I searched for something similar, in pure gold, because I love having a delicate signature necklace, one that simply never leaves my body and this one from Dower & Hall is a really nice option.  The husband gave me the Astley Clarke pendant for my birthday this year and engraved something lovely on the back so I really treasure wearing it plus it layers so perfectly with my other pieces.  And the newest to the gang is the snake chain from Daisy London which I just adore and will be wearing all summer long.  Ottoman Hands is a favourite of mine for semi-precious pieces and the hammered gold bangle is a favourite – especially as you can choose the size and have a nice snug fit – don’t know about you but a bangle clattering loosely around my wrist is simply not a practical fit for life right now.

Part II coming soon…  Honestly I already have the shots and the feature drafted but I want to spread the content because time is not my friend right now, amongst other things (I shall try to refrain from talking about the weather again because, as Christina told me this morning, the French never talk about the weather because it is not chic and considered dull and I do not want to be accused of either).  Happy Friday.x

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‘love’ pendant – Astley Clarke
long snake chain – Daisy London
beaded engravable disc pendant – Astley Clarke
hammered gold bracelet – Ottoman Hands
multi-coloured bracelet – Annie Haak
l’academie cardigan – Revolve (ON SALE)
shorts – Mango





  1. 23 May / 6:50 am

    These are such lovely pieces! 🙂 I really need to try layering my necklaces again – I stopped as I found when breastfeeding that grabby hands and gentle pieces don’t mix, haha! I never really got back into it and I should as I love the look on others – the necklace trio is a fab idea! 🙂

    Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂 We are having a quiet one at home, staying cosy as it’s so cold this weekend! Winter is here early! Even if I shouldn’t talk about the weather, hehe!

  2. Gaylesbury
    25 May / 1:16 pm

    Love that green jumper!

  3. 29 Jul / 12:50 pm

    Looking so pretty. I love your look and jewelry. Thanks for sharing.

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