The March 5

Welcome to the first in a new series – The Monthly 5 – an opportunity for me to share five new things floating my boat each month.  Some favourites from around the www that deserve a permanent home…



This Sézane jumper might just be the perfect spring knit – I have not had it off since it arrived.  It sits at a solid 10/10 on the soft scale and the colour is wonderfully optimistic (will look great with a tan too – too optimistic?).  It works great simply with jeans but is also quite at home over dresses – I have a styling reel in the works.



In a bid to expand my menu repertoire I pin recipes like an overeager teenage scrapbooker and this Teriyake Eggplant with Sticky Rice by Cupful of Kale strikes the perfect balance – super healthy whilst tasting just like takeout.  I tried it out last night and can confirm it is a winner (even with the husband).  It happens to be vegan too which goes some way to counter the impending tomahawk steak on this weekend’s menu…



We just finished Firefly Lane on Netflix – a story of friendship through the years and the highs and lows of life along the way.  A welcome addition to the easy watching section of my Ultimate List of Binge Worthy TV.



With a delicious hint of spring last weekend, my thoughts have turned to the garden and this article by Melissa Penfold, The Top Garden and Landcscaping Trends of 2021, got me thinking about how to make best use of our outdoor space.  Ultimately an extension of our homes, if ever there was a time to optimise our outdoor spaces it is now.  The image featured is the work of Scott Shrader and his book, The Art of Outdoor Living, has secured the top spot on my birthday wishlist.



Belts over everything.  This Mango belt is an absolute beauty – essentially the iconic Isabel Marant Lecce belt but without the hefty pricetag – I snapped it up fast.  The leather is genuine, sustainable and smells divine plus it comes in brown and black.  I had to include that image because it was the very one that sent my camera toppling down from a great height, off the tripod, onto the hard wood floor ultimately resulting in her demise…


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  1. 4 Mar / 4:37 pm

    Wonderful!! Will definitely try that recipe!

    • Thankfifi
      9 Mar / 2:32 pm

      It was VERY good… the kids weren’t so keen but the husband and I loved it

  2. 4 Mar / 9:06 pm

    the belt is cute but what a shame taking the pic destroyed your camera! I hope you were able to get a replacement, what a shame! I was lucky when I smashed mine by not attaching it to the tripod one day I could claim it under the insurance as it fell at home. I had a new camera just in time for Christmas, phew!

    Hope you are having a good week.

    • Thankfifi
      9 Mar / 2:33 pm

      Oh I never thought of that! I think it just needs a repair because it still takes the photo – I just can’t playback the shots on the screen or change any of the settings… it’s not destroyed. BUT it did happen at home so maybe I could also claim! Thanks for the tip.x

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