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Thankfifi- Daks AW14-9

I may or may not stop banging on about London Fashion Week soon and, certainly whilst Paris Fashion Week is only just beginning, this still feels relevant so bear with me because there’s no way we’re not going to talk about the Daks show.

The atmosphere inside the Courtyard Space at Somerset House is something which gets right to my core for I love fashion, I truly do.  You get ready, you’ve got a ticket with a block and row number but you’re nowhere near it so you jostle for your space (for me ideally somewhere on an edge to lean best for taking shots).  For a long time not much happens but then something does – this beautiful music that had me craning my neck to see.  Something builds inside, excitement I guess, because you know it’s coming.  And then it begins…

Incredible military wartime elegance glistening with metallics and bristling with furs.  This is Daks’ 120th anniversary and they celebrated with sky high guard hats and next level trenches and elbow length quilted gloves (my wrist lengths feel so mundane now…) and sleeves that wrap around skirt waists as belts and hairy palazzos and golden dreams that whisper by, ‘I’d never work for everyday wear but who cares’…  Structure and softness, obscurity and beauty all at once.  And oh so British.  Perfection Sir?

So if I can’t have a bear hat please let me sashay around in furry trousers…


Thankfifi- Daks AW14-5


Thankfifi- Daks AW14-12

P.S.  I know there will be much better shots out there on the www but you know what?  I took these, from my seat on the edge, craning my neck, and they’re mine.x



  1. Gaylesbury
    27 Feb / 1:43 pm

    Love your photos!!! Love the belt details in the first photo x

  2. Yellow Rose
    28 Feb / 4:41 am

    It’s about time ………. the return of the leather elbow glove!

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