The perfect white tee

Thankfifi- The perfect white tee-7

The perfect white tee is not easy to come by.  Sometimes the basics are the really tricky bits to get spot on.  But this tee has it nailed.  It’s fitted and yet has the perfect boyfriend slouch.  Its v is just right, not too low, not too high, not too wide – just right.  It washes really well (I should know, I’ve worn it almost non-stop since I bought it).  And it’s white as white can be.  I have ordered more colours already because I know I’ll wear them all the time.  Do yourself a favour and do the same, I promise you won’t regret it (your other half might when you’ve worn it all day long and decide you must sleep in it too, then the next morning you wash it and crank up the heating to get it dry again…  It’s that good).

Happy Friday.x

camel coat – M&S :: leather jacket – Todd Lynn @ Debenhams
tee – Asos :: jean – Gap  :: sandal – M&S
glasses – Mango :: necklace – Stella & Dot
name necklace – Anna Lou :: cuff – Rebecca Minkoff 

leash – Ancol :: coat – Infindigo

Thankfifi- The perfect white tee

Thankfifi- The perfect white tee-4

Thankfifi- The perfect white tee-11

Thankfifi- The perfect white tee-2

Thankfifi- The perfect white tee-5

P.S.  After a bit of a fall out with After Effects – you know the kind that starts as an aloof ‘you will not get the better of me’ huff, evolves into a screaming ‘I hate you’ one sided fight before the emotional ‘I’m sorry, just tell me how to fix this’ crawl back – I have finally managed to get my first ever video tutorial online.  Go watch my super easy Spring Ombre Hair video here.  Hope you like it.x



  1. 18 Apr / 11:25 am

    I’m in love with this jacket combo!

  2. 18 Apr / 11:28 am

    Really love that camel coat chick I’ve been looking for a perfect one forever

  3. 18 Apr / 2:33 pm

    Always great to hear such amazing reviews on products!
    I met the head fashion technologist at ASOS the other day – I bet she was the chic who ensured your t-shirt is so super fab!

  4. Yellow Rose
    19 Apr / 4:28 am

    Mr. K. has a special aura-glow! (You, too!) Love this look, and I’ll try the tee! Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs to Mr. K.

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