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There’s just something about the start of a new year isn’t there?  The kind of something that has you approach a 3 day juice cleanse with the same enthusiasm as a toddler in a swing park.  Thank goodness there’s at least some point of the year when we unequivocally crave health and inner beauty…  Actually I won’t lie, I’m pretty healthy – meals are usually around 60% veg but then there are the macarons and the hot chocolates and, oh, right, there was the big ‘C’ aka Christmas.  That’ll do it.  A 3 day cleanse?  No food?  Just pure, botanical, natural juice?  Sign.  Me.  Up.

I wanted to keep it local, after all, if we’re going to get on this kinda train we don’t really want our all natural juice travelling hundreds of miles – we want it pressed straight into our mouths (more of less).  Enter Juice Garden.  I had the pleasure to meet Emmanuel, ex pro footballer and founder – he knows a thing or two about nutrition, a store in town and now one on Byres Road – he must be onto something.  Well, yes, as it turns out, he is.

I road tested the 3 Day Cleanse, heck, I even dragged the husband along for the ride.  And you know what?  It wasn’t so rough.  6 juices a day keep you pretty busy and that Unbeetable, that guy was the business – he was earthy and sweet and pure and I could drink him every day.  I could swim in a big ol’ bowl of that purple stuff.  The juices are a good mix of green, sweet and even savoury and they’re packed full of all the vitamins your post Christmas body is dreaming of.  Now I know that quitting solid food might not be for everyone but I can honestly say, and the husband would agree, we weren’t hungry.  Not once.  Well maybe once… but then we had a juice and all was right in the world.  And taking those 3 days off gives your body a well earned rest to let you stock up on some 2015 energy.  We all could use some of that.

So were they tasty?  Three I loved, two I didn’t mind and then there was one nasty little guy but I supped him down every day.  The husband gave a similar verdict but his nasty one was the beet (Say what?  Unbeetable was my main man!).  Each to their own I guess.

And the results?  Flat tummies.  Christmas bloat gone, disappeared, banished.  I’ve not had a flat tummy since I got Malaysian food poisoning – trust me when I say I’d take the juice cleanse any day.  I lost a few pounds and 3cm around my tummy and the husband can boast a huge 7lb loss – now that’s not why we did it but that’s not a bad side effect either.  We slept like babies (the kind of babies that sleep all night long, I need to clarify the saying… some of my friends have babies and they tell me the ugly truth).  I felt really quite normal throughout but it was just the healthy kick up the ass we needed to really cut out the cr*p and get back on the healthy train.

Would I do it again?  Ask me again next January, ha!  I missed cooking, I missed eating (although I did enjoy the extra free time – hello mid week cinema trip, haven’t seen you in many moons).  But 1 day, for sure.  And subbing in some extra juices just for a vitamin kick, 100% yes please.

Want to join me?  You can take 10% off any of the Juice Garden cleanse packages by using the code THANKFIFI – just drop them an email to hello@juicegarden.org.  My 3 day cleanse package is £95 (£84.50 for you) which blows those far flung London cleanses right out the water on price.  Really, why not?  I’ll put this in the same category as working out – I always go by the mantra that I have never regretted a workout and I don’t regret the cleanse either, not for a moment.  What do you think?  Would you give it a shot?

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  1. 28 Jan / 10:40 am

    Oh yes, sign me up too! I haven’t quite managed to get on the 2015 healthy train yet, but the buttons on my jeans are saying it’s past due…

  2. 29 Jan / 5:55 am

    Would you recommend doing this cleanse for someone always on the go? Or is it more of a take a day off at home and try it out?

    Maggie A

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