Scottish beach tour – Yellowcraig

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig-2

What can I say about all this beach spam?  Sorry not sorry?  That about covers it.  Driving round Scotland checking out all the beaches in the name of ‘research’ just about makes this the best job ever.  And this one, Yellowcraig, is one of the best.  The husband thinks this is it, no need to look any further, he has found his favourite.  I’d almost agree with him except I don’t want the tour to be over just yet…

We headed to North Berwick for the weekend, hopped straight onto the beach and started walking.  We walked West for a while, maybe close to an hour and there she was – the most gorgeous white arc of wide, empty sand.  The seaweed and jellyfish are off having a party somewhere else – this beach is pristine save some shells but you want those to be there.

There aren’t any amenities so you’ll be bringing your own picnic but there is one small inlet of water, a tiny freshwater river that carves through the sand, just as you arrive onto the arc, and that makes the most perfect watering hole for the dogs.

The great thing about quiet Scottish beaches is that there’s no one around to judge your fashion choices.  Comfort wins and judging by the number of times I’ve worn this stripe tank, I can absolutely justify the extra pennies it cost me…  sometimes it’s worth spending the extra on key pieces and, for me, stripes are key.  I air dried my hair in the wind which was perfect (until I discovered I didn’t have the correct plug for my GHD’s and was stuck with Monica Barbados hair for the entire weekend).  And I wore these new sunnies from Iolla, the most gorgeous local Finnieston store – you have to check them out, especially if you wear prescription, hello £65 handmade frames + lenses…  win.

I wish the sun had been shining because I don’t really feel like these shots do it any justice… but I’ll be back the next sunny day for some more, I can promise that.

tank – Alexander Wang :: dungarees – Zara
livingstone sun glasses – Iolla :: watch – Daniel Wellington
evil eye bracelet – Accessorize :: lindie bracelet – Casual Sparkles

coats – Infindigo

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig-9

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig-7

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig-17

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig-11

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig-4

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig-5

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig-13

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig-10

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig-12

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig-8

Thankfifi- Beautiful Scottish beach - Yellowcraig-3

And these two had so much fun that there was a quiet, blissful moment where they both fell asleep and looked entirely angelic and I wanted to package that moment and keep it forever (so I took an Instagram).



  1. 26 Aug / 12:16 pm

    Can you believe I’ve just now found your blog?? Unacceptable …. Loving it!

  2. Gaylesbury
    28 Aug / 9:56 pm

    Another amazing beach!!!!! How cute are your doggies sleeping? (Doggies says John, goggies says Ruairidh) x

  3. 30 Aug / 11:00 pm

    love how your dog poses :)))

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