Portinatx travel guide – Ibiza babymoon

Literally the most blissful three days and the best side of Ibiza…  The North of the island is truly beautiful and has a completely different vibe than you might imagine in the busier parts – lush greens, beautiful calm blue waters and hidden gems around the coastline.  We stayed near here a couple years back and loved it then too and we crammed in as much as possible (previous travel guide here) but this time was all about the relaxing, the connecting and really taking that time, just the two of us, to take a break from hectic life and stresses and start looking forward to growing our little family by one more.  You might remember that we booked up less than 24 hours before flying and still, per person, the break came in at less than £200 including flights, car hire and hotel.

Read on for tips on where to stay, what to eat and do…


We chose Portinatx because we knew it would be quiet and calm, our little oasis away from it all.  And it was.  We lucked out with the Sensimar Ibiza Beach Resort which has two gorgeous pools and green gardens for relaxing, perfectly beachy whitewashed rooms (upgrade to a sea view if you can, it’s just too beautiful waking up to that sunrise and the noise of lapping waves), an epic buffet breakfast and a pretty good itinerary of included activities (if that floats your boat).  We, however, opted for the cocktails and mocktails and book reading from our loungers with the occasional stroll down the twenty or so steps right onto the beach.  The hotel is adults only which seemed pretty perfect for what was likely our last grown up holiday for some time…  (read: sixteen years).


The first night was super low key, but I was so in love with that little beach cove by the hotel, so we grabbed a takeout pizza and a couple of San Pellegrinos from Zulu Lounge and sat on the sand, just the two of us and Franco the seagull, and watched the sun set over the horizon.

A paella for two on the corner table of Jardin del Mar was a highlight, for the setting more than anything; the terrace hangs over the deep blue and, sitting at that table, we felt like the only people in the world.

The star of the show for us though was Los Enamorados, a ten minute stroll round the bay, past a couple of coves and the most incredible spot.  I found it, as with many of my holiday must stops, on Pinterest and we went for both dinner and then again for lunch with friends.  Yep, it’s that good.  I mean this place is interior goals and the food and cocktails were incredible.  The outdoor terrace must be one of the only spots in Portinatx where the sun sets right into the ocean and if I were a billionaire I would have furnished my entire home with the pieces from their shop…  so dreamy.




‘Do’ is maybe going to be a bit loose for this travel guide as most of what we did was a whole lot of nothing very much.  The three coves of Portinatx are just so beautiful that we only ventured for wanders and meals and spent a whole lot of time by the hotel pools…  and that was just perfect for a babymoon.  I read a book by Ina May Gaskin which opened my mind (‘your body is not a lemon’) and we listened to the Big Little Lies soundtrack and just generally slowed the pace right down and I think that’s what babymoons are all about.





  1. Gaylesbury
    13 Jun / 8:29 pm

    Looks positively blissful x

  2. Tori
    17 Feb / 7:01 pm

    So, would you recommend more Sensimar or Na Ximena for a babymoon? I see you’ve been to both & Im trying to decide between them now for a trip in June.

    • Thankfifi
      18 Feb / 8:49 pm

      Wow, this is a tough call! Can you do both for a couple of nights at each? I loved Na Xamena but it is pretty isolated so I wouldn’t recommend it for more than 2 nights and also it is £££ with no option but to eat on site. Portinatx is just beautiful and has more options for walking and exploring without going far which I loved for a babymoon. I guess if I had to choose between the two I would go for Sensimar. But if you can add on an extra special night at the end then stay in Na Xamena to finish it off?x

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