Classic denim shirt reworked

Last weekend I hosted a ‘Shop my Wardrobe’ pop up shop in my home (daunting much?) – it went really well and I cleared out a heap of pieces that were either no longer a fit for my taste or my body.  No cause for alarm, my closet is still, erm, full but now considerably more organised and one of the huge benefits of folding and hanging every single piece I own was reacquainting myself with some old favourites.

Enter the classic denim shirt.  In my opinion, no wardrobe should ever be without one they are so versatile.  And this new shape of denim which I am obsessing over right now; that uber high waist and the wide leg and that ankle hem just give the perfect silhouette to allow for a knotted shirt without showing any belly (my favourite, and only, kind of crop).  These are Zara but Next also have a great pair in a similar shape but a slightly heavier denim.

I added a whole bunch of accessories, all linked at the end of the post, because a simple outfit can take it and it gave me an excuse to give all my favs an outing.  I will give a special nod to these sunnies though – aviators but not as we know them, with thicker tortoisehell rims but still perfect for the pea heads among us (and also rediscovered during the aforementioned clearout).  Mine are many years old but apparently you can still get your hands on them here, on sale no less.  After our happy reunion I think you are going to be seeing a lot more of them…

And I had to include that sweet photo down there with my tiny because it was just too adorable, like he is sharing some secret with me – no doubt, ‘I am about to rip your earrings right off and make you so glad you wear clips’.  Some rare days we make it up to town to shoot and have a family lunch together with the husband. We are almost always at least half an hour late but those are the best days…



denim shirt – Gap
marine jeans – Zara

mules – Zara
riley saddle bag & isla strap – Gweniss
headband – Asos
Masanetti earrings – Etsy

sunglasses – Tommy Hilfiger
turquoise mini floris necklace – Astley Clarke
arabic name necklace – Dubai
skinny torque bangle – Rox
totem gold cuff – Edge of Ember
chakra friendship bracelet – Z for Accessorize



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  1. Gaylesbury
    31 Aug / 2:33 pm

    Those colours!!!!!

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