In which I empathise with the lawn

Enough of these grey days already.

Right now my front lawn is a big ol’ field of brown mud.  The husband was not happy to mend the patchy lawn but preferred to rip it all up, essentially plough it, and sew a whole new lawn.  Most of the family (ok, everyone in the family) disagreed with him but in the end I told him to ‘plough ahead and sew his own path’ – you will gather my sense of humour is not improving any.

And so now it seems we need a good dose of sunshine to encourage anything promising.  I empathise with the lawn.



natalia shirt dress – Anonyme
belt – Mango
Pavement boots – Zalando
basket bag – Next
scarf – Joules
aviators – Ray-Ban
turquoise mini floris necklace & tiny love disc pendant – Astley Clarke
gold feather pendant – Dower & Hall
skinny torque bangle – Rox
boho disc ring & skinny torque bangle – Rox



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