Home tour – Summer’s nursery reveal & a Cubo AI baby monitor review

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And somehow the littlest lady is six months old, all grown up and she has moved out…  well, next door anyway but into her very own room.  Whilst this room also serves as our guest bedroom and my walk in wardrobe it turns out a bit of a reshuffle allowed me to carve out a space just for Summer and the room really feels like a nursery now.

Most of the bits and pieces came from other rooms and were repurposed save the Cubo, who we’ve partnered with to share a baby monitor review, which arrived two weeks ago and honestly made the room transitioning so much easier.  Scroll down for all the details…

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Summer had some tricky times healthwise in her first few months and moving her out of our room at night and into the nursery was something I was feeling a little anxious about.  But two weeks ago this little bird arrived in the mail and he has been a real blessing – here’s our Cubo AI baby monitor review…


Ok, honestly after unboxing the Cubo AI, set up was super straight forward.  Cubo comes with three options in the box, a height adjustable floor stand (which we have started with), a cot attachment and a base holder should you want to sit him on a shelf for example.  The pieces fit together smoothly and then it is simply a case of downloading the Cubo AI app and holding the QR code under the camera until the two pair and you are good to go.  There are a few settings you can configure within the app and to be honest I had been using the default setting and had not felt the need to change a thing…  until Summer started rolling more than an Olympic gymnast and I promptly customised the app to turn off the ‘roll over’ alerts.


What struck me first was just how beautiful the design is – I mean that bird is so darn sweet that this is not a monitor I wanted to hide in the corner of the nursery and I am a BIG fan of baby things that fit straight into our home and aesthetic.  The fact that Cubo has a wealth of amazing features as well as being a looker makes him pretty close to perfect in my eyes. Is this the best video baby monitor ever?  Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that but here are the elements which I really love –

  • Covered face and cry detection alerts (and we’re not talking a blaring siren kind of alert here either – the app actually has a really lovely birdsong notification which I personally find more than obvious enough to capture my attention whilst avoiding any sense of panic other alerts might instill).
  • Danger zone alerts – obviously Summer is far from being able to escape from her cot entirely (I hope) but I LOVE that you can set a boundary for Cubo to monitor and will one hundred percent be using this feature when I have two rowdy toddlers running around the house – I wish Cubo had been around when Hunter used to think the stairs were destined to be his personal playground.  And what really blows my mind is that Cubo differentiates between dogs and babies…  I will be using this for years.
  • Can we talk about the picture quality for a moment?  Take a look down there at that photo on my phone screen.  The AI technology captures the precious moments you might otherwise miss and saves them onto the app’s Moment Wall.  Even the night vision is epic – the Sony CMOS sensor does away with that nasty red light and the images and videos are super clear.

Shop Cubo for £179 (that’s a saving of £100!) with the code CUBOWENDY


Honestly I used to think parents with video monitors were a little bit nuts and I couldn’t help wondering, ‘Is a video baby monitor necessary?’…  I mean we would visit friends who spent the entire evening starting at their grainy video screen.  For this very reason we previously had a super simple Motorola MBP8 audio monitor and whilst it’s a little tricky to do a baby monitor comparison between these two, because they are worlds apart, what I can say is that Cubo is not like other video baby monitors I have seen.  I love that there’s no video screen sitting in the corner of the room (unless you want it to of course) monopolising attention; the app simply alerts you when you should take a look.  If I hear Summer in the night I can pop open the app real quick and check on her rather than having to get up out of my cosy bed and attempt to simultaneously get a look at her without waking her up (it even keeps track of the temperature and humidity in the room).

Peace of mind is the biggest gift any new parent can have so if you might be wondering which baby monitor to buy I would say Cubo gives me that peace of mind and more, all wrapped up in a beautiful design.  Win win.

Scroll down for a walk round the other details in Summer’s nursery…


I wanted to create a space just for my baby girl…  the spanner in the works turned out to be the size of our house.  It’s pretty amazing how fast you can run out of rooms!  So for now she shares the guest bedroom – or perhaps I should say for now she is kind hearted enough to share her bedroom with occasional guests.  So whilst I was keen to add some baby girl touches of pink, it was a priority to keep the nursery fairly neutral.  Oh, did I mention this room is also my dressing room?  What you see here is one wall but, out of view, we have a double bed, a wall housing a shelving unit heaving with shoes and handbags and another wall home to fitted wardrobes.  But by keeping things simple and mostly neutral, the room really works I promise.

The centrepiece of the nursery is that gorgeous tufted leather wall hanging.  I ordered it around two years ago and it seems to be completely sold out now but you could easily recreate the look by hanging a beautiful rug or tapestry (my favourite places to hunt for these kind of things are Etsy and Anthropologie).  It used to form a makeshift headboard for the guest bed but as soon as I moved the cot in front of it I had a total lightbulb moment and the space just seemed to come together from there.

Truth be told, pretty much all the other pieces which make up Summer’s nursery were things we already had from her brother.  I treated her to some new sheets for the cot and I love these florals from La Redoute so much I went ahead and ordered two sets.  The tiny baby bassinet has been repurposed as a gorgeous toy basket filled with her (ok, my) favourite gifts – how beautiful is that wooden name plaque from Roscoe Rules and I adore the charitable mission behind the Cuddle & Kind knitted dolls.

And that is pretty much it.  Perhaps it’s not an entire nursery but it is what we can manage right now with what we have and, as you can see by her beautiful wee face, she is rather pleased with her new space.  Happy new home baby girl.x


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AI smart baby monitor – Cubo
(use code CUBOWENDY for £100 off)
wall hanging – Urban Outfitter
mini cot – Mokee (ON SALE)
floral fitted sheet – La Redoute
mikado poster – Desenio
mini vase – H&M
Maileg Noah’s animals – Bluebellgray
wooden stool – Next
nap & pack bassinet – Design Dua
merino wool throw – Bluebellgray (ON SALE)
fawn teddies – Cuddle & Kind
wooden name plaque – Roscoe Rules
sheepskin rug – Ikea




dress – Asos
roll neck – Jigsaw
belt – Zara
locket – Astley Clarke

top – Zara
bloomers – Zara
tights – La Redoute





  1. 17 Mar / 11:46 am

    She is adorable and what a cute nursery setup you have for her! the baby monitor sounds like a great one too!

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂 I’ll be working from home this week which will be interesting!

    • Thankfifi
      24 Mar / 5:11 pm

      Thank you so much – so pleased you like it.x

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