Lockdown Diaries – Week 5 – My Daily Routine

I talked a little bit last time about finding my lockdown groove and I thought it might be interesting to share my daily routine, the weekdays that is, the weekend is another story.  Perhaps without kids there is not much distinction between the Sundays and the Mondays but for us, the husband is not working on the weekends and those days are like some kind of delicious holiday for me.  BUT although I am a little jaded at times, I have a schedule for the most part and I stick to it – so here it is…


7-8am : I am on duty with the tinies so it’s a bit of a roulette – I usually wake around 7am anyway and, depending on the kids, I might get to lay in bed for zero time at all or, on a great day, I get almost that full hour to myself – so decadent.

8-9am : The husband takes over with the tinies and I get my workout in.  Some days I do twenty minutes, other days a half hour but I do try, even when I really lack motivation, to get moving, work my muscles and get my heart rate up.  I never regret it.  Then I shower and hop into some leggings and sweats.

9-10am : We gather the troops and do a half hour family dog walk and then, back home, I get the dogs fed, get Summer up to the nursery for her morning nap, usually put on a load of washing (anyone else feel like they do double the loads of laundry right now – why is that?).

10-11.30am : Usually this slot is a real mish mash of play with Hunter vs me squeezing in some emails.  Sometimes we bake or build sandcastles, sometimes he watches Minions.  It is working for us, for now.  And I get dressed for the day – I still whole heartedly stand by everything I said about the positive effects of getting dressed in this post.


11.30am-12.30pm : Summer is up from her nap and has a midday bottle and then the tinies kind of free play while I prepare lunch (aka the first great milestone of the day)

12.30-1.30pm : We eat.  Together.  Some days inside, some days out.

1.30-2pm : Playtime with the kids before making my very best attempt to get them both upstairs and down for an afternoon nap IN SYNC (the holy grail) – most days I luck out and it actually comes together.  Other days there are mid nap poop situations and Hunter trashes his bedroom…  meh.


2-3.30pm : Work.  Nothing like a real tight schedule to amp up your productivity let me tell you.  I get AS much done as possible in that hour and a half; image editing, writing, newsletter scheduling, social…

3.30-5pm : Snack time for everyone.  Honestly I have always done snack time for Hunter around 4pm (we eat dinner quite late so a little ‘goûter’ is essential) but somehow during lockdown I have found I need that lil’ extra snack too.  I do not fight it.  Then we play some more.

5-6pm : The husband joins the party and the mood feels lighter.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy my days but they are FULL.  So yeah, I look forward to this particular juncture.  I package up the tinies and the husband takes them on another dog walk whilst I take five and pour a G&T.  Pre lockdown midweek drinking was not a thing for me; lockdown rules are different though right?


6-7pm : I prepare dinner (aka the second great milestone of the day).  I have my planner for the week’s meals and, honestly, I look forward to dinner all day, ha.  I try to plan meals I am excited to eat and it is working.

7-7.30pm : We eat.  As a family around the dining table.  We play music and we burn candles.  I was brought up having family dinners like this so it is kind of in my blood.  We are romantic like that.  But you know what?  It feels like an event.  We talk about the day and it might just be my favourite part of it.

7.30-8.30pm : Clear up.  Play (there’s a lot of play right?  But who doesn’t love to play…).  Bedtime for the tinies.

8.30-9.30pm : Decompress.  Enjoy some wine.  Brush a dog.

9.30-11.30pm : These will from hereon be known as ‘the lost hours’.  We watch Netflix (Ozark is top choice right now).  I drink a mug of decaf tea.  The dogs go out in the garden and we try to get to bed at a sensible time and almost always fail.  In bed we break all the rules and watch a feel good show on the laptop (Schitt’s Creek at the moment) but I will say this – I almost never have any trouble sleeping.


I mean, my days are FULL.  Full to bursting.  But good you know?  It is all I know and I can tell you that I barely get a minute to think but that might not be a bad thing right now.  You have probably seen this doing the rounds on social media but it is so true – ‘Those of you quarantined without kids, how is it?  Is it relaxing?  Are there naps?  Can you just do what you want all day?  Talk dirty to me, tell me about the good times…’.  What does your day look like?

The week started off so promising and warm and then somewhere midweek the sun went into hiding and my energy levels, and my mood, plummeted.  Did that happen to you too?  Sometimes I swear I feel like a plant – full of enthusiasm in the warm sunshine but give me a grey sky and I just feel so flat…  Last weekend was almost entirely consumed by project patio but in between the paint stained sweats here are some of the other things I wore (except the bag…  I just really loved that with this look but obviously I am not using a bag for popping out, to my patio, for lunch).


denim jacket – Next
playsuit – Zimmermann
sandals – LK Bennett
bag – Mango
cuff – Ottoman Hands




top – Perseverance London
sahara linen pencil skirt – Phase Eight (ON SALE)
leaf choker – Missoma
pendant – Astley Clarke
cuff – Ottoman Hands




shirt – Gap
belt – Zara
jeans – Zara
flats – Pretty Ballerinas




yazella cardigan – Ted Baker
sleeveless roll neck – Mango
jeans – J Crew
rally sneakers – Fitflop




top – Mint Velvet
pants – Sea NY
sandals – Fitflop
belt – Jigsaw




sweatshirt – Le Tee Paris
belt – Zara
skirt – Maison Scotch



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  1. Gaylesbury
    2 May / 12:34 am

    Love reading how you fill your day, our days revolves a lot round food too! Happy weekend xxx

    • Thankfifi
      4 May / 10:30 am

      Food is such a highlight right now isn’t it?!x

  2. 3 May / 1:02 am

    I love that last maxi skirt and the Ted Baker cardigan is beautiful! 🙂 It is a busy day at home with the kids – especially when they are so little! Neither of mine nap but I do try have them do “quiet rest time” in their rooms for a bit, so I can have a little moment to myself in the day. Often they don’t stay there for very long, haha! 🙂 I really need that time on the days I’m working from home to actually be productive, but on my days off it’s nice just to sit and do a little blogging or mindlessly scroll Instagram 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend 🙂

    • Thankfifi
      4 May / 10:31 am

      Oh definitely know where you’re coming from Mica – I can’t even imagine what it’s like when they don’t take naps anymore… Good luck to you – it must be so busy!x

  3. Helen
    5 May / 4:13 pm

    Full days indeed! What workout programmes do you follow? I’m trying to get a good one just now and looking for recommendations. Thanks!

    • Thankfifi
      5 May / 11:44 pm

      I actually just do some Jillian Michaels workouts – at the moment it’s the 30 Day Shred from 2008! Super old school but it’s what I have and it’s always worked for me in the past. If you don’t fancy that though I did get a mail that the Sweat App (Kayla Itsines) were Offering 30 days free trial and I always fancied trying that so might be worth checking it out.x

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