1 minute make-up | 3 game-changing products

A big claim, I know – ‘game-changing’.  But these three really are.

If you caught my skincare feature then you probably already know that I am not the kind of girl with an overflowing beauty cupboard.  One thing I have learnt about life right now is that there is not much free time and anything that can streamline my day to day is a huge win.  Put simply, I do not have time to try out the latest neon eyeshadow trend (or whatever it is this month) and it is somewhat unlikely you will catch me on the nursery run in a full face of makeup.

Essentially, post cleanse and moisturise, I have two options – fast and, well, even faster.  I figured why not start with the quickest, easiest routine in the land?  I even filmed a video tutorial although, I will mention it again, it is one minute and three products so somewhat unlikely you could veer too off piste.  That being said, the video is a nice way to see the dramatic improvements these three staples make…


I was sent this as a gift and tried it on a whim a few months back.  I guess I previously felt primer was an unnecessary step but, let me tell you, this is a real life Instagram filter.  With my summer skin I feel no desire to cake another layer atop although, in winter, I may feel differently – so really this primer is a bit like base and topcoat all in one (do I sound like I am treating my garden fence now?).  Put simply, it makes your skin glow – you can see what I mean in the video.  It is super light, it is not greasy, nor drying, it is subtle and it lasts ALL day.  It just makes you look better.

My quest for the perfect under eye concealer has been a lifelong one.  Previous contenders have irritated my sensitive skin, caked around dry patches and in fine lines, or simply not done the job of hiding my late nights.  Then this came into my life.  Originally I received a sample in winter, it was the ‘Light’ shade and, even in the depths of January, far too pale.  But that day, even with Casper eyes, I knew right away that this would be the answer to my concealer prayers.  I took a punt during lockdown and ordered the ‘Medium Tan’ online from the myriad of colour options and I have never looked back.  This is a product for life; it stays put but never cakes, it blends beautifully without drying, heck, it even contains anti-ageing magic.  But best of all, it really REALLY covers those dark circles.

Blusher is just the thing to waken up your face.  Honestly I struggled to find one that was just right and then I remembered the old trick of a dab of red lipstick on the apples of the cheeks and, hey presto, my face looked suddenly alive you know?  Any matt lipstick would work here I imagine but I am currently using Stellar by IT Cosmetics (in the matt finish).  The added bonus is, obviously, that this is a dual purpose product being that is is actually lipstick.


‘C’est tout’ as they say – or as the French say at least.  Bugs Bunny might say ‘That’s all folks’.  I will say this – these three are just about all I can manage most mornings but the transformative power of that minute is game-changing (yep, said it again).  Don’t believe me?  Just watch the video

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jarah jumpsuit – Phase Eight
boots – Zara
boho skinny bangle – Rox

blacklight priming filter – Becca
bye bye undereye concealer in medium tan – IT Cosmetics
pillow lips matt lipstick in stellar – IT Cosmetics




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  1. 2 Sep / 11:52 am

    It’s so good you have a routine and products that work for you! I really need to try find a concealer that works for me like this one does for you – I just put on tinted sunscreen on BB cream these days if I’m going out, but my skin doesn’t always look the best with so few products, haha!

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂

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