Why I Don’t Believe In Resolutions & You Should Say No To Them Too

So this is what 2021 looks like eh?  I hope this year ends better than it has begun on a global level but, in the meantime, in our little bubble we are finding joy in the small things whilst plunging neck deep back into the work vs childcare blend.

Let’s chat resolutions.  I have not made any.  In fact I gave up on resolutions many years ago and here is why…



I cannot help but feel that resolutions are a trend – a social construct pitched to us from a clever marketing perspective that now is the time to cut out sugar, stop drinking alcohol, dive into a punishing exercise regime, try a juice cleanse, start reading more, blah, blah, blah.  Ask yourself this though?  WHY of all months would anyone choose January as the month to do ALL these things – or indeed any of those things.  Ok, I indulged over Christmas but I am not wracked with guilt (I loved every slice of panettone and every sip of those festive cocktails as I deserved to).  Have I cut back on the booze now that the holidays are over?  Sure.  Have I cut it out completely?  No way.  The same goes for the ice-cream in my freezer – I look forward to digging in on weekends as usual.  This January will undeniably be harder for some more than others but, without a doubt, it is not going to be easy for any of us – heck, when is January ever easy?  So why make it harder by denying the little luxuries we can afford ourselves?



Resolutions are only one step away from a fail.  We have all been there…  you swear off chocolate, for example, only to have one bar and brand yourself a failure – from there it is often a downward spiral with the mindset being ‘I have failed therefore I might as well go all in and fail BIG before starting over on Monday’.  The end result is that you have eaten more chocolate than if you just allowed yourself that treat when you craved it.

Take my husband for example – hell bent on finishing every last morsel of Christmas chocolate before the holidays were done so he could eat ‘well’ in January.  I, on the other hand, am making mine last.  A little bit each week, or each day, and I have no negative associations with it – the reality is that I would have eaten it anyway – either all at once or spread out.  (Oh, and yes, he grudges me every bite now he has none and I wind up sharing – case in point).



Whilst I avoid resolutions I am all for positive, healthy goals that I can stick to throughout the year.  Are my hamstrings aching every time I even look at the stairs today?  Yes they are…  but not because I have jumped headfirst into a new fitness kick; I have simply picked up where I left off before the break.  I took three weeks off because I was on holiday and it was wonderful but now it feels good to be back at it.  I strive for a healthy balance between fitness and food as well as general health and wellbeing.  Some days the scales (metaphorically as well as physically) tip more in one direction than other days but I am ok with that – it is one hundred percent normal for each day to be different than the last – in fact, they should be…


As well as continuing with my fitness and semi-healthy food adventures, this year I hope to take more time off and work more efficiently (nothing like the child vs working from home time blend to focus the mind in the spare moments) as well as develop the photography side of my business BUT none of these are resolutions – they are goals – goals without time limits or constraints because, honestly, that is the last thing we need right now.

I would love to know if you believe in resolutions and how they work for you?  Or if you have any new goals?


P.S.  On an entirely different note, these trousers were my Christmas bonus (from me to me) for all my hard work last year.  They are a new cut for me but I just adore them and they can be worn a hundred different ways.  Sézane is a brand I have really fallen for recently (I am a huge sucker for their French styling) and, although the prices are a bit higher, the quality and fit is really amazing.  I basically told the husband if he got me anything from there for Christmas I would be happy and he nailed it with this top

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cardigan – Gap (old)
jumper – Reiss (old)
austin trousers – Sezane
ammber sneakers – Fitflop (ON SALE – extra 20% off w code EXTRA20)
scrunchie – Free People
aviators – Ray-Ban





  1. 7 Jan / 10:02 pm

    They are such cute pants on you! I don’t really set resolutions either! It would be even harder to this year, as you pointed out given the way it’s started and what 2020 was, haha! I love eating Christmas chocolate and goodies through the year so I’m with you on saving it for having a piece now and then! 🙂

    The only goal I’ve set this year is to buy less fashion pieces – from the way this year is going I think we will continue with staying home more and going out less so hopefully that will be easy to stick to like it was last year! 🙂

    Hope you are having a great week and enjoying 2021 so far 🙂

    • Thankfifi
      13 Jan / 2:34 pm

      Happy new year Mica! I totally agree with you on the fashion front – definitely a goal of mine to shop smarter and slim down my closet – sell or donate the pieces that no longer fit (my body or my style).

      Sadly I have now finished all my Christmas chocolate… gutted

  2. Gaylesbury
    8 Jan / 4:14 pm

    Totally don’t make resolutions… and I’m making the chocolate last too…!

    • Thankfifi
      13 Jan / 2:34 pm

      Good on you! I remember when I was a kid having easter eggs in October haha!

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