I’ll lamp you


Willow shade – c/o Bluebellgray
floor lamp – Ikea (ours is old but this one would be perfect)
dried willow – Ikea

It’s really funny that we hated this lamp ever since we got it but it took us over 5 years to do anything about it.  It’s even worse that it only took about an hour and just over a fiver to make us love it.  Seriously, I can’t wait to turn it on when I get in from work, ha!

It’s not that the original was particularly horrible, it just wasn’t a good fit with our traditional high ceilings.  I had saved the pic below on my DIY FYI board in Pinterest  and when I spied this shade at the Bluebellgray studio I felt sure I could provide the perfect home for it.

Remove old shade, untie dried willow, fetch the husband to help, saw to length, tie willow around lamp stem loosely at first, then bind tightly, tie and tuck ends neatly, add new shade and turn it on baby!  Simples.

1st image c/o 1kinddesign


P.S.  For readers who don’t live in Scotland – ‘I’ll lamp you’ really means ‘I’ll smack you’ and if you’ve followed for a while you know I like a dumb double meaning title!



  1. 22 Nov / 6:08 pm

    Wow…this is great!So creative!

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