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I can hardly describe how gorgeous Greece has been so far – it’s so incredible to wander the little streets and alleyways and pass beautiful homes like this one.

My new cobalt leather tee seems to fit so well with the palette here, whitewashed buildings with ocean blue details, whilst shielding me from the sea breeze when the sun says goodnight.  There are literally sales everywhere on the web right now and I believe in a 2 pronged sale attack: on the one hand the sales are the perfect time to pick up cheap, on trend pieces which may last a season or two (case in point – the sandals) but, on the other hand, if you’re considering dropping some moolah then I stick to the classics, the leathers and silks that will last for years.  And yes, for me, cobalt leather is a classic.

liv leather tee – c/o Baukjen (ON SALE!)
short – Zara (ON SALE! & last seen here)
sandal – River Island (ON SALE!)
glasses – Mango, necklace – Stella & Dot
watch – Michael Kors, bracelets – various
bag – Becksondergaard 

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Thankfifi- Cobalt-11

Thankfifi- Cobalt-7

Thankfifi- Cobalt-5

Thankfifi- Cobalt-14

Thankfifi- Cobalt-9

So basically, last night whilst lounging on the deck in the last of the sun waiting for our ride into town, I sidled into the shade, sighing slightly and saying to the husband that perhaps double layers of leather weren’t the most appropriate choice for a Greek summer and suggesting that I might lose half a stone in ladylike perspiration by the end of the evening.  He laughed heartily – I presumed at my witty musings on fashion choices.  “Ha” he exclaims, “as if you would lose any weight!”.  (He refers to the half tonne of icecream I have eaten since arrival).  Gotta love men.

Thankfifi- Cobalt-2

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  1. Mr K
    1 Jul / 10:52 am

    Hi Mom/Dad, Fab pics; only one thing missing – ME!!!

    • Thankfifi
      5 Jul / 6:02 pm

      we are missing you Mr K!

    • Thankfifi
      5 Jul / 6:03 pm

      the leather was just the perfect colour

  2. 1 Jul / 1:31 pm

    I think that this is your BEST POST EVER! Okay, it is the background(great Greek streets), the tan you have, those GORGEOUS shorts and the blue of your top (and the blue of GREECE!)

    Fantastic photos my dear and favorite blogger! Enjoy every SECOND here!

    • Thankfifi
      5 Jul / 6:03 pm

      I absolutely did enjoy every second! Such a beautiful country you live in.x

  3. 1 Jul / 7:25 pm

    AMAZING outfit dear, absolutely adore your cobalt blue tee – so strikingly beautiful!! And you styled it to perfection of course! Great to hear that you are having such a wonderful time in Greece dear! Hugs and have a lovely week! <3

    Liana x

    • Thankfifi
      5 Jul / 6:03 pm

      thanks so much liana.x

  4. Gaylesbury
    1 Jul / 7:51 pm

    Greece looks lovely, as do you! Gaylesbury x P.S. To the Husband – pot, kettle, black, I have seen how much ice cream YOU can eat!!!! x

    • Thankfifi
      5 Jul / 6:03 pm


  5. 1 Jul / 9:11 pm

    Greece looks so beautiful and so is your top, such a lovely colour! X

    • Thankfifi
      5 Jul / 6:05 pm

      Greece is so beautiful – can hardly wait to go back again

  6. 1 Jul / 10:55 pm

    This is so beautiful! I hope to visit Greece one day! =)

    • Thankfifi
      5 Jul / 6:05 pm

      you would absolutely love it nancy – put it on the bucket list

  7. 2 Jul / 12:05 am

    I’m so happy that you visit my country.I hope that you are having an amazing time.Enjoy the sun.I see that you got a tan .Love the shorts and the shoes xxx

    • Thankfifi
      5 Jul / 6:05 pm

      impossible not to get a tan with your incredible Greek sunshine!

  8. 2 Jul / 2:48 am

    Oh, goodness! Been several months since I’ve been active in the blogosphere- but you look as stunning as ever. 🙂 Hope all is well!

    • Thankfifi
      5 Jul / 6:06 pm

      what a lovely comment kristina, thank you, and yes, all is very well.x

    • Thankfifi
      5 Jul / 6:06 pm

      me too – leather lover that I am – it’s so incredibly soft

  9. 2 Jul / 1:26 pm

    That cobalt blue tee is amazing with the black and white shorts! 🙂 You certainly look stylish even if it was too warm! 🙂

    Away From Blue

    • Thankfifi
      5 Jul / 6:07 pm

      it was only too warm in the very beginning – by 8pm I was very comfortable and was even happy of my jacket later in the night (funny how quicky we acclimatise!)

  10. RussianKiwi
    5 Jul / 1:44 am

    Beautiful photos ^_____________^ !!
    Is the leather tee quite breathy ? – otherwise it must be colder than it looks on the photos if you can wear a leather tee and jacket (on some pics) and not be boiling hot!

    • Thankfifi
      5 Jul / 6:08 pm

      it is not lined and so yes, quite breathable and also the looser cut keeps things from being too sticky. As I just said in the comment above I was actually glad of the jacket later in the evening.x

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