Money well spent

In fact I had this post saved in the archives for a rainy day…  but you know how life is – just when you think you’re getting ahead, life laughs in your face.  With the past week spent stuffing my poor brown dog full of pills and four trips to the vet (seriously thank doG for Petplan, not an ad, really REALLY money well spent), you can forgive me for sharing this one right here, right now.  He is on the mend, or at least he will be soon, and I can breathe a big sigh of relief and sleep through the night again (worry had consumed me).

So yes, these are the same boots as in my last post.  But no, this is not the same hair – this was my hair pre Nioxin.  I can actually see such a difference.  If you want to try the treatment click over to this post and leave a comment to enter the Sassoon/Nioxin giveaway I am hosting.  And yes, this is my dream dress which I do definitely prefer with a big side serve of sunshine but between now and forever I will be dreaming up as many ways to wear her as possible…

jumper – TK Maxx   |   dress – Zimmermann   |   jeans – Joules
curve over knee boots – Duo Boots (ON SALE)
aviators – Ray-Ban   |   belt – Ted Baker
bag – Emporio Armani




  1. Gaylesbury
    20 Feb / 8:06 am

    Looking as lovely as ever x

    • Thankfifi
      20 Feb / 5:30 pm

      Thank you.x

  2. 20 Feb / 11:30 am

    Oh glad your dog is on the med, it’s always so heartbreaking when something goes wrong with them!

    I love how you’ve layered this dress for winter. I know you’re looking forward to wearing this in warmer weather, but this is just making me wish for cooler weather so I can get my knits out again, haha!

    Hope you are having a nice start to the week! Our heatwave is starting to end so I’m welcoming the slightly cooler weather! 🙂 Not quite jumper weather yet though!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Thankfifi
      20 Feb / 5:31 pm

      So funny how we are both always wishing for what the other has!x

  3. Giovanna
    20 Feb / 9:56 pm

    You look amazing Wendy – as usual!

    Sorry to hear your doggy hasn’t been well. I hope he feels better soon xxx

    • Thankfifi
      21 Feb / 4:51 pm

      Thanks Giovanna, I *think* he is on the mend now.x

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