Post baby hair… before & after Nioxin – a giveaway with Sassoon

Turns out baby hair is a thing.  And I don’t mean that fine, fluffy, hair spun from dreams that magically kisses the top of your baby’s head… although in fact it is not entirely unlike that but, and this is the big thing, that is not the hair I want on my head thank you.  Hmm.  But that my friends, seven months post baby, is exactly what I got.  Even under that fringe of mine is a tiny, short, fuzzy, second fringe waiting in the wings.  Urgh.

In the chair at Sassoon Glasgow, I’m chatting with Sharz about Nioxin; he’s telling me how great it is for stressed hair, hair that has to deal with our harsh winter or hair that regularly gets pulled back into a pony (guilty).  A facial for the scalp, a professional in-salon service that is designed to regenerate and revitalise to ensure stronger hair growth and a less irritated scalp, a system tailored to your hair needs and formulated to give you thicker and fuller looking hair.  But he does not need to convince me.  I tell him I got the baby hair blues and bam, lightbulb, Sharz is excited.  This is perfect.

So I am truly delighted to host a giveaway and one of you lovely lot will be able to experience it all for yourself at the Glasgow salon.  Enter below and scroll down to see the before and after plus a whole heap more pics because, you know, I got that new hair feeling…


Win a complimentary haircut & Nioxin treatment at the Glasgow Sassoon Salon


Leave a comment at the end of this post and tell me your hair woes…
(Giveaway closes 25th Feb)

I read a lot of reviews before heading into the salon and they were all good.  A few people said their head tingled pretty intensely but mine, in fact, did not.  The beauty of the in salon dermabrasion treatment is the massage.  I cannot tell a lie, I love the Sassoon head massage and this treatment came with an extra long one – eh, no complaints here.

My before pic is not great, I know.  My hair was pulled back because I just washed it (yep, I washed my hair right before going to the hairdresser – I’m not the only one right?) and my fringe was all out of shape, so long and straggly.  So maybe it is not the best comparison pic but let me use my words – my hair truly did feel fuller when we were done.  And so, so clean.  Like it is ready to grow.  And I am ready for it to grow, believe me.  I mean the cut obviously helps too, such a great foundation for healthy hair and I love that I don’t need to work on any intense styling to achieve the look, you know, I ain’t got time for that these days…

So I brought home the system and I am excited to see how this goes over the coming weeks and months.  At the very least a super clean scalp to encourage good strength and growth is guaranteed.  At best, a mane.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

And a quick apology because I already know this post is turning out to be a looooong one BUT I just gotta tell you real quick about these boots.  They are amazing.  They are custom sized to my calf so they fit perfectly.  They are on sale.  Like actually a really, really good price for genuine suede over the knee boots.  And they work splendidly with this little polkadot mini which is just the right length, not too mini.  And then there’s that winter, afternoon light but I’ll do you a favour and not start rambling on about that too…

Don’t forget to leave a comment to enter.x

knit – Stefanel   |   skirt – Next
curve over knee boots – Duo Boots (ON SALE)
bleecker bag – Reiss


With thanks to Sassoon for supporting this post.



  1. Gen
    16 Feb / 7:13 am

    Fine flat hair with no volume need to give my hair some life!

    • ash
      16 Feb / 11:16 am

      You look stunning!!!! Love the new look! Sigh if my hair looked half as good as yours I’d be delighted. My hair tends to be a frizzy mess more often than not (though I must say the Scottish water is so much better than what I was used to in Australia) and sadly the grey hair seems to have appeared in all its glory since I turned 30! Any help I can get would be very much appreciated. Love your blog and insta Wendy! X

  2. Sadie Steele
    16 Feb / 8:28 am

    15 months post baby hair! Horrendous! My mum actually asked me if I’d cut my hair myself…no Mum, this is just the crap post baby hair I’ve been left with. Tufts round the front of my hairline, including round my ears (which refuse to stay behind my ears and I end up looking like an Elf from Lord of the Rings), and tufts around the back of my neck. Pony tails are out if the question (as I look like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards). So for now it remains in a constant side plait (ideal for those nappy changes). I’m currently taking hair supplements in the hope my lovely pre baby hair will return, wish me luck! x

  3. Becky
    16 Feb / 8:56 am

    Never having the time to style it like I used to, lucky to be able to even wash it with a little baby at the moment! Always shoved up in a bun for ease. X

  4. 16 Feb / 9:48 am

    baby hairs do not grow and my hair is just flat and too thick. There’s nothing exciting I can do with it and it’s just in the way all the time. I’d love to get a new style but I have no idea what I would even do!!

  5. Heather Chambers
    16 Feb / 10:14 am

    I have relatively long and thick hair. I have it cut with layers to try and stop “helmet hair” and it hanging around my face like a pair of thick curtains but within a couple of weeks it’s back to hanging again. Drives me mad! I’ve never had a fringe which probably makes it worse!

  6. Annie
    16 Feb / 11:03 am

    Continually have trouble with thinning hair and would love to try anything to help. Always keep my hair up to cover the thin spots and can never wear it down. Hair stylists don’t really know how to deal with this problem properly. Tried hair fibers which help but any wind or rain means you are back to square 1 with thinning hair 🙁 Would love help from Sassoon!

  7. Andrea
    16 Feb / 1:26 pm

    I think taking care of the hair is a must! I have thick, dry and frizzy hair, so I try often intense moisture treatments to renew it. Help needed here!!! ☺

  8. Gill
    16 Feb / 2:25 pm

    Your hair looks gorgeous Wendy! My hair definitely suffers due to my love of dry shampoo and using too much heat on it – this treatment sounds exactly what the Dr ordered…a facial for your scalp sounds DIVINE!

  9. Jill witheyman
    16 Feb / 5:21 pm

    I loved this post, and tbh I can’t believe you feel that you have post baby hair, as I have serious hair envy for you!!! I have always had thin hair woes, never really fussed about weight, height, attractiveness etc it’s all about the hair for me . I try every trick to thicken my hair including products, heat treatments and Velcro rollers. And I even asked my hairdresser for a perm as I thought this might make it appear thicker, thankfully she said no! . Anyways I would really truly love this and I might even look in the mirror afterwards and think I no longer need to have hair envy for anyone else! ps love the insta updates and tips x

  10. Sarah
    16 Feb / 6:18 pm

    I’m constantly battling to get volume and life into my fine hair, but nothing I’ve tried so far has done the trick. The fineness of my hair also means it is prone to splitting Anything to strengthen it would be amazing!

    P.s. pre/post baby, your hair looks great

  11. Gaylesbury
    16 Feb / 7:31 pm

    Where do I start?! My hair always looks the same, I would love a stylist to show me how to do my hair myself 4 years after last baby, I still have some weird baby hair fringe thing going on Super giveaway x Your hair looks gorgeous x

    • Gaylesbury
      16 Feb / 8:15 pm

      Oh, and I’ve had, quite literally, the same fringe since I was five!

  12. Roz
    16 Feb / 9:47 pm

    Having had my two babies in relatively quick succession, my hair and scalp never recovered from the first lot of baby hair and dryness before doing it all again!

    • Roz
      16 Feb / 9:47 pm

      I hit post by mistake…this treatment sounds lovely, would love to win!

  13. Jennifer
    17 Feb / 5:08 pm

    I gave birth 5 months ago and have lost half my hair. Short tufts all around the hairline with what looks like a bald patch on one side. I have always loved my hair so to say it’s getting me down is an understatement. maternity pay doesn’t really allow for luxuries so just having to live with it for the time being. Would love a wee day of pampering and heard so much good things about nioxin.

    • Thankfifi
      1 Mar / 3:07 pm

      CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER! You are our winner, I’m so excited for you! Will be in touch to arrange your voucher.x

  14. 17 Feb / 6:00 pm

    Would love to win as always have hair envy when you post hairdresser posts on IG. Also my hair is painfully slow at growing so would love a great cut and treatment to give it some life!! Xx

  15. Linda Sutherland
    17 Feb / 8:41 pm

    WOW, great results! What can I say about my hair? Almost 13 years after my second baby and my hair has never recovered properly. Continual loss from front area means I have a wispy and useless fringe! Would be nice to try this out x

  16. Naomi
    18 Feb / 5:21 pm

    My hair is very thin and fine and I have a very sensitive scalp. It needs a little TLC at the moment.

  17. claire little
    18 Feb / 5:25 pm

    I have thick wavy hair that I decided to bleach myself and wrecked it! that was over 6 months ago now and still trying to get it back to normal but have learned my lesson about trying that type of thing myself now.

  18. Edel
    18 Feb / 5:39 pm

    I have the thinnest curly hair, and I’ve been desperately trying to grow it for at least two years but now it’s just misshapen but not much longer and definitely not any thicker, I really need to try out nioxin as one of my friends swear by it!

  19. Lorna Braidwood
    18 Feb / 7:29 pm

    6 months post-baby no4 and my hair is still falling out in handfuls! Its so fine around the temples I can see my scalp and it’s so disconcerting. I know from experience it EVENTUALLY comes back but this is the worst I’ve ever experienced postpartum. I need all the help I can get!!!

  20. Louise Cullen
    18 Feb / 7:42 pm

    I had a baby 6 months ago. I now have this halo of little fluffy hairs around my face ha ha and I think everytime I have a shower half my hair is falling out. Hormones ay? Joyous.

  21. Lauren Wimble
    18 Feb / 10:02 pm

    You and your hair look absolutely gorgeous- the nioxin has clearly worked for you! Having not had children (yet!), I can’t fully say that I relate. However, my hair is fine, flat, dull and damaged from the constant dying over the years (my own fault, I know). I have been recommended nioxin before having voiced my hair woes but haven’t got around to actually trying it yet do this would be the perfect opportunity.

  22. Frances Glen
    20 Feb / 7:41 pm

    My hair was so greasy that I actually e-mailed my favourite dandruff shampoo company to complain that I had just bought three large bottles and must have been a faulty batch. I did not know that infact I was pregnant with twins. My hair now 3 years on is starting to show signs of turning grey and get pulled back into a ponytail everyday. I think my hair is in need of a makeover.

  23. Jolene J
    22 Feb / 2:46 pm

    You look amazing! I wish I had a great sense of style like that, I’m mostly just a shirt and jeans kinda gal. Lol. I have a 5 year old daughter and just recently have started noticing my hair thinning out more than ever.. don’t know if it’s age or what, but I don’t like it!!

  24. Sharon
    23 Feb / 8:11 am

    Persistently split ends and fine wispy hair that snaps off easily. My attempt at a sleek (long) bob is forever scuppered by the forrest of fly away broken ends around my scalp and down the lengths. Always searching for the perfect treatment to give my hair some life!
    Also LOVE a Polka dot so, skirt!

  25. Katrina
    23 Feb / 8:49 am

    I miss the Sassoon experience now I’m poor and spending my hair money on my house. My poor hair feels neglected and unloved and deserves a makeover too

  26. Jennifer Graham
    23 Feb / 9:12 am

    This treatment sounds amazing! I had my son 3 months ago now and I can already feel the effect of all these crazy hormone changes on my hair. I would love some professional help and advice on how to handle it!

  27. Lisa Kennedy
    23 Feb / 4:06 pm

    A naturally curly haired gal, I’ve always (well, all my adult years anyway!) loved having curls & have rejoiced in not having to worry about styling my hair too much. However in recent times, I’ve noticed my hair feels & looks different. Not having changed anything I use/eat etc dramatically I can only put it down to age (sad times!). I want to fall in love with my curls again & embrace my mane once more!

  28. Emma Casey
    23 Feb / 8:07 pm

    With two babies under two (my youngest baby is five months) my hair is all over the place! It’s thinning so much at the front, not very forgiving when in a mum bun, which is most of the time! Would love a wee pamper session (could maybe even sneak in a wee snooze on the train to Glasgow!!).

  29. Mary Heald
    24 Feb / 7:03 pm

    My hair is very fine and quite lifeless. It drives me mad so I end up tying it back. I would love to have fuller hair with more volume. It definitely needs some love!

  30. Fiona Graham
    25 Feb / 9:45 am

    I’ve only just discovered your blog but live checking in on intragram each day to hear and read your chat. Loved the blog on tk Maxx as I love the place!!
    As for thick and glossy hair… What is that? The only time I had hair I loved was when I was pregnant. It’s now back to its usual fine, lank and mind of its own self. Most days I have it scraped up in a bobble. I don’t have time to waste on getting it to sit nice for me to step outside and for it to get one sniff of the Scottish weather and for it to revert back to its usual fly away self.
    A wee treat would be amazing. ❤️❤️

  31. Sara
    25 Feb / 8:31 pm

    Really in need of a cut as my hair is at the stage of looking terrible no matter what I do! The ends are fine and fly away, lots of broken hair and frizz is an issue too, woe!

  32. Claire Watson
    25 Feb / 11:06 pm

    This would be such a treat! My youngest, Angus, is 4 1/2 months, and he has stolen my heart and my hair.

  33. Rebekah
    25 Feb / 11:13 pm

    My lovely sister in law is expecting her second little one in summer and this would just be lovely to surprise her with! I know she struggles to have the time to go and be pampered at the hairdressers! Soon to be even more difficult with 2 lovely tots. Your hair looks great Wendy!! Nioxin sounds like it would be so good for her hair. Xx

  34. Emily Findlay
    26 Feb / 10:05 am

    I’m a student in first year and when I was younger I watched a YouTube video on how to cut my own hair. Well let’s just say I still have the worst what looks like baby hair and layers in the whole world. I can’t get a good affordable hairdresser to help!!!!! I just want cute hair

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