My relationship with you – my home

I wonder if this home had feelings what she might say?  I am full?  I am loved?  I am content?  I am overwhelmed?  It is a living breathing thing; filled with padding paws and tiny steps and tired legs.  This home and her embrace has expanded over the past year to accommodate us all full time, right here within these walls.  What once was a daytime sanctuary with snoozing, lazy bears and my solitary lunches has become a whirlwind of perpetual motion, a Tetris of moving parts trying to slot into their best spaces for play, for work, for eating, for rest.

She is our refuge – a beautiful space I feel fortunate to have been able to retreat to through what has undoubtedly been a strange year for us all.  She has seen night feeds and first steps, work and play, winter fires and summer barbecues, laughter and tears…

This home of ours is forever – we could see ourselves growing old here from the moment we stepped inside – but now she is groaning, just a little.  This once generous family space feels like such a blessing…  but a blessing with a little less breathing room than before.  And as the seams of our beautiful home stretch and sigh, our dreams for giving her the chance to exhale and expand are becoming more tangible.  An extension, nay, more than that, a reconfiguration.  I want to tell her not to be afraid – this is no facelift – growing together whilst preserving her character is paramount.

The warren of narrow corridors housing an out of place freezer and a washing machine that lives only half inside (old houses have the strangest quirks) and our dreams of somehow reworking that jumble into a home office whilst also growing this space are no longer a distant dream on the horizon – they are real.

My dream over the years has evolved and refined and perhaps the hardest part for me so far has been accepting that I am, in fact, no architect.  My vision was flawed and I have had to let go.  So, whilst I cling to my fantasy of sunken seating, I am also adjusting my master plan because, let us be honest, life rarely goes to plan.  And we are saving…  hard (that in itself is a luxury that does not blindly pass me by).

So my hope for this beautiful home of ours is that one day she, and everyone she houses, can exhale deeply (a sigh of relief) and pause for just a moment before being thrust forward together into whatever the next phase of this whirlwind life holds for us.

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blazer – Next
top – Baukjen
belt – Zara
jeans – Zara
scarf – Ever Reve
slippers – Emu Australia





rug – vintage
jimi child’s table & stools – La Redoute (ON SALE)
arabesque tiles – Tons of Tiles
stools – Cult Furniture
fruit bowl – Anthropologie
basket – I Am Nomad
kraft paper roller – Cotton Ball Lights




  1. Gaylesbury
    29 Jan / 4:07 pm

    Gorgeous house, and will be even more gorgeous after her transfiguration, because you are blooming good at making your house a beautiful home xxx Happy Friday x

    • Thankfifi
      3 Feb / 3:19 pm

      Thank you – pretty exciting times!

  2. 12 Mar / 6:00 pm

    Ciao , casa molto bella e dona tranquillità complimenti. Seguo la filosofia dell’anima del luogo , del sentire la nostra anima e lasciarla in ogni luogo della nostra casa.
    Ho aperto il mio blog da poco , se ti va dai uno sguardo
    Sarei lieta di sapere cosa pensi e perchè no in un futuro collaborare.
    Ancora complimenti anche per le foto!!
    Saluti ,

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