The January 5

Easing into 2023 with some great tv (I just said to the husband last night ‘I wish we hadn’t seen that already so we could watch it right now and enjoy it all over again for the first time’), the casual stripes I have been living in, an attempt to dodge the onslaught of winter bugs and a clear hankering for spring with the most delicious minty fresh pastels…



Oversized stripes…  otherwise known as basics.  I bought this super afforable top from Mango with part of a Christmas voucher and I have probably worn it every other day since it arrived.  It straddles the line between t-shirt thin and something thicker; it is ideal for layering.  I wore it here for a casual Friday look but mostly I have been wearing it with leggings (love the longer, bum covering length) under my giant puffer coat for brisk dog walks.  It looks great the way they styled it on the model too.  I sized up to a medium for a looser fit.



Ok, technically not a ‘cook’…  but with the deluge of viruses hitting my wee family over the past month, I am taking matters into my own hands and testing out a few new supplements and vitamins.

I reached out to JS Health after seeing a review that simply stated ‘the best period I ever had’.  Honestly, since having children mine are hell on earth and I was desperate to try the Hormone + PMS Support in the hope it might help ease the pain.  The team kindly offered me two trials so I opted for the popular Hair + Energy blend too because I will gladly accept a boost in those areas too…  I will report back.

The notion of a personalised 3d printed vitamin tickled me plus they taste like sugared gummies – it is like a little treat each day.  Take the quiz to create your own stack here.

Sprinkling this in my morning smoothie.  The site says ‘by supporting a healthy gut ecosystem, this product helps to balance inflammatory markers that can be increased during stress’ – hi, is this made for me?  My eczema has been out of control this past couple of months and I know it is in large part down to stress.  Attempting to tackle it from the inside out now.


Mammals on Amazon Prime.  You will thank me.

I was not really sure this was going to be up my street.  I was so wrong.  Straight on the ultimate list of binge worthy tv – we were done in three nights.  Now just praying for a second season.



I will confess to a burgeoning love affair with mint in 2023.  So the colour, combined with the clever use of space and slightly retro design, had me reading all about this home office and pinning it in a nano second.



The Sézane ten year anniversary collection launched this month featuring many an old favourite as well as some utterly glorious new styles.  Mint choc chip and one hundred percent ready for spring – I am very into this colour combo.

P.S.  Sézane do not do ‘sales’ as such but, now and again, they open the ‘archives’ (at gentler prices) – if you are looking to dip a toe in the water, find it quietly hiding in the menu bar on the homepage here.



barry cardigan – Sézane
70’s trouser – Sézane
lana ossette bag – Strathberry
western boots – Ariat
aviators – Ray Ban



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