The February 5

February so far has been a month of building site visits, tennis nights and sore muscles and binge worthy tv induced late nights.  I can say, with certainty, I have wholeheartedly entered my sneaker era too.

I give you my monthly top five…



I bought this budget massage gun for the husband as an emergency Christmas gift (the fact it arrived on Boxing Day gives a fair indication of just how last minute I can be).  He raves about it.  He uses it for his legs post cycle.  I use it on my shoulders post tennis because I hit that ball so darn hard, yes I do.  It is excellent.  It comes in a handy carry case.  It is also ten pounds cheaper now than when I bought it.  You are welcome.

If you happen to be placing an amazon order, can I just give a quick nod to these socks too?   Hands down the best sports socks I have ever worn.  They will NOT disappear on you into your shoe.  They are cotton and will NOT make your feet sweat.  I have NEVER had a blister wearing them.  They are two pounds a pair right now.  What more can I say about socks?





Crunchy baked hot honey cauliflower wings…  Half Baked Harvest has done it again.  This recipe has flown to the top of my must try list and I cannot help but wonder if this might just be the one to get my tinies into cauliflower (though I shall not hold my breath – if not, more for me).


The Old Man on Disney Plus.  At almost an hour long per episode, I affectionately call this show the sleep thief.  Could you stop it part way through?  Course you could.  Will you?  Absolutely not.

The title that had me convinced this was going to be slow, perhaps even melancholy, it turned out to be quite the opposite.  Naturally I have added it to the list (along with a few others).



How cold water therapy could make you fitter and happier – this SheerLuxe article reminded me why I used to finish my shower by turning the thermostat to cold with gay abandon.  Whilst you might find it hard to believe that plunging into cold water will increase your dopamine levels by 250%, the science disagrees…  such an interesting read.



As I mentioned, I have wholeheartedly entered my sneaker era.  Enter the New Balance 327s (I got mine from Schuh who have a truly impressive selection).  Consider me a convert.  Not only are these trainers a really nice piece of design, they are extremely comfortable and the sole extension up the toe and heel serves to extend their lifespan should you wish to wear them to death (and I do).

Sidenote – they pair perfectly with the previously celebrated socks and also with, and I say this with a slight shudder of dis-ease, slouch socks – who have I become?



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  1. Gaylesbury
    16 Feb / 7:08 pm

    I can confirm the sports socks are amazing!

    • Thankfifi
      17 Feb / 11:07 am

      Go faster socks 😉

  2. The Husband
    16 Feb / 8:24 pm

    Shopping for NBs now!!

    • Thankfifi
      17 Feb / 11:07 am


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