So Sunday morning the husband and I played squash.  It was awesome.  Sooo much easier than tennis (which I used to be good at but am no longer) – there’s a considerably higher chance that if you whack the ball as hard as possible it will still be ‘in’.  That’s not my experience with tennis.  Anyway, by Monday morning things were sore.  By yesterday everything was sore.  I mean, sore feet?  Who gets sore feet after exercise?  Geez.  Still, I feel that squash is my new love.  It doesn’t rain on the squash court ever.

The result of everything being sore is that I was forced to wear sneakers to work on Monday and Tuesday.  Not the cool wedge kind, the neon laces proper running kind.  In fact the same shoes which caused me so much pain became the only shoes I could even walk in.  Go figure.  The girls at work do not approve.  I have shamed myself.

Of course these shots were taken before I was ‘squashed’ but I guess what I’m getting to is setting you up for the reasonable chance of Friday’s fashion post including the aforementioned sneakers.  But until then please enjoy the heels, layered knitwear and an unnervingly large photo of my face.

The end.

knit – H&M, polo knit – Mango (last worn here & here)
jean – J by Jasper Conran c/o Debenhams (last worn here & now ON SALE!)
boot – Autograph @ M&S
glasses – Mango, nobuk sash belt – Mango
leather bag – Autograph @ M&S

lead – Ancol, coat – model’s own c/o Infindigo




  1. 14 Nov / 10:14 am

    Nice warm outfit and gorgeous boots:)

    • Thankfifi
      14 Nov / 2:26 pm

      surprisingly comfy too for being so high

    • Thankfifi
      14 Nov / 2:26 pm

      ha thanks – self inflicted so don’t feel too sorry for me…

  2. 14 Nov / 11:43 am

    Love those boots – wish I’d bought them when I was back last year. Squash is a killer especially if you are playing with someone good. Lots of fun for getting some aggression out:) Not a big game over here though…

    • Thankfifi
      14 Nov / 2:27 pm

      definitely – I think the trick is going to be to start playing regularly so I never feel this pain ever again!

  3. 14 Nov / 1:39 pm

    I am loving the belt!!!!!! What a great piece to have.
    I have never played squash but tennis is very frustrating!!!
    I am so athletic so when I first played and it was such a challenge I was a loon on the court..my husband refuses to play with me now..issues?????
    Sheree xxx

    • Thankfifi
      14 Nov / 2:32 pm

      If you frighten your husband on the tennis court then I would probably advise against squash – you could completely terrify him!

  4. 14 Nov / 2:59 pm

    You always look so elegant Wendy. Wish I could crack the winter chic down x

    • Thankfifi
      14 Nov / 3:26 pm

      layer layer layer – seems to be my fail safe so far!

  5. 14 Nov / 3:18 pm

    Well honey you may hurt now but just think of how great your body will look later! I often think of playing squash at the gym with my Jason but i don’t know we never have. Ugh…I should go to the gym today! You’ve inspired me and what not!


    • Thankfifi
      14 Nov / 3:26 pm

      ooh you def. should try it next time – so much fun

    • Thankfifi
      14 Nov / 5:07 pm

      thank you – looking forward to being able to wear them again…

    • Thankfifi
      14 Nov / 7:40 pm

      aw thanks ema, just an easy hair up do!

  6. 14 Nov / 10:52 pm

    i love the way you’ve worn that knit – not sure if it’s intentional or not but the uneven hems look really good!

    • Thankfifi
      14 Nov / 11:35 pm

      thank you – yes it was intentional 🙂

  7. 15 Nov / 12:53 am

    I love these heels, but I’d actually love to see how you’re styling sneakers – I’m stuck in comfy shoes at the moment due to immense blisters on my heels and I’m totally stumped for how to dress round ugg boots/sneakers!


    • Thankfifi
      15 Nov / 8:01 am

      oh no – that sounds awful – my feet are actually much better now but in the interests of flat shoe-d fashion I’ll show you a look with my trainers 🙂

    • Thankfifi
      15 Nov / 8:01 am

      aw, thanks mallory

    • Thankfifi
      15 Nov / 8:01 am

      they’ve fast become a winter staple

    • Thankfifi
      16 Nov / 8:11 am

      me too – such a great colour for winter

  8. 18 Nov / 1:52 pm

    Love the outfit, boots are gorgeous and the dog is soo cute! 🙂

  9. 19 Nov / 1:36 pm

    Unnervingly large photo= <3

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