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Before launching headfirst into the new year and all the changes that might bring, I wanted to take a look back at 2016, not just at my favourite posts but at the looks from month to month that really carry forward to 2017.  So these aren’t the most trend led looks but they’re the ones I love, the pieces I wore again and again and that will survive the annual spring clean closet purge…  (Just click the month if you want to see the original post.)


I only own two pairs of over the knee boots and they’re both entirely impractical being suede and yet I wear them a lot, like really a lot.  You can dress them down over jeans with chunky knitwear or you can let them dress you up but I would be so bold as to say they are here to stay.




Because I try really hard when fashion week rolls around.  But not too hard.  Hopefully.  This military britannia feels skirt was a winner for me all year and now I’ve got my eye on the jacket which lands in a few weeks time…




Possibly my favourite collaborations of 2016 was when Emporio Armani came to town.  You’ll have to indulge me a little for this one as it really was one of my favourite shoots (even if I had to photoshop my decency out of 90% of the shots – it was March and I couldn’t ruin this dress with a bra…).  The husband works so hard on Thankfifi too from the photography side and this was truly one of those shoots where everything came together.  Also – nude dress, tan biker – classics.




Because boho never goes out of fashion.  Amen.




This backless beauty might be an unabashed designer rip off but I love it and I’ve worn it again and again.  It’s one of those ones that just works for occasions where you’re pretty sure you’ve got nothing to wear (and if you saw my closet you’d roll your eyes at just how ridiculous that notion even is but it happens to the best of us).  It was from H&M and I will openly admit to scouring the Trend section weekly for new arrivals.  They hide all the good stuff in there.




I do love wedding season but always try to look for something a little different and this Banana Republic dress from Zalando really stole my heart.  I also wore it to a fancy dinner in Helsinki, belted and with a denim jacket (ok, maybe it wasn’t that fancy) and I am pretty sure I will be wearing it again.  You can grab it in soft grey at 70% off if you fancy…




In the original post I talked about this silk shirt scarf combo being a year round basic.  And I stand by that.




Because denim, aviators and stripes are kinda my thang.




I remember when this dress arrived from Zara I worried it was going to be a bit mumsy but turns out you can unbutton it as high as you want, layer it, belt it.  It worked for me many times different ways and if they bring out another version this year I’ll be having that too.  And if I could do my hair like this myself I would.  But that was thanks to Sassoon and honestly if I tried a DIY I think tiny birds would make it their home…




Speaking of Sassoon, this was a good hair day.  In fact, maybe the best hair day of 2016.  I need to make another appointment and figure out my 2017 plan… ideas?  Fringe?  Yay/nay?




A post full of classics.  I wore them all more than I might care to admit.  The bag and boots did me proud and I still love them and this year goes down in history as the year I discovered the perfect high street jeans from American Eagle of all places.




And last but not least the slouchiest of knits with my leather legs (which you know I get my money’s worth out of) and then there’s those shoes – they’re still in stock, they’re only £18 and, basically, they rock.



And now to 2017, a note to myself that I have less than no closet space (and my closet is generous).  And yet, although I was truly restrained in the sales, I see a few new season pieces in my future because that’s just what I do…  and I can only hope they will mix and match with my old timers too.



  1. 10 Jan / 8:00 pm

    I saw the white Monsoon blouse on your insta and had to buy it. So glad I got it whilst it was in stock. Beautiful photos as always Wendy x

    Frey de Fleur | http://www.freydefleur.com

  2. Gaylesbury
    10 Jan / 11:06 pm

    Happy New Year Thankfifi!!!! Love a your posts, all year round, especially that bag from November, but what really struck my the most is how much your hair has changed in 2016! I NEVER thought I’d see the day you would cut your hair so short (it’s not even that short, just short compared to how long it was!) but I can honestly say that I have LOVED your hair changes this year, more than a little jealous here! Enjoy 2017 , love Gaylesbury x

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